Wuthering Heights 2009 #1

TV episode review: Wuthering Heights #1 (2009), directed by Coky Giedroyc, adapted by Peter Bowker

wutheringheights2009I’m still not endeared toward Wuthering Heights as a story, but at least this version feels more appealing than the other one I’ve seen (1998). The beginning is very different and the chronology is also different. As I’ve not read the book, I don’t know which is more true to it. Perhaps it’s time to read it finally.

Cathy got married with ivy on her head – I approve!

There’s one more I recognise, actually, but I didn’t recognise the actor’s name: Hindley, played by Burn Gorman – Torchwood‘s Owen.

A scrubbed-up Heathcliff (Tom Hardy) is quite handsome, though, and you can see there’s some passion between him and Cathy (Charlotte Riley). No strands of spit between them on the moors at least… and this feels more coherent, somehow. I’m not immediately bored and going “WTH?” as a response, but on the other hand, perhaps it’s also down to the fact that I’ve now seen the story for the second time, not just the first. On the other hand, Heathcliff still creeps me out.

Not quite sure what else to make of it, but maybe I’ll have more of an idea by the time I’ve seen part two as well.

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