Wuthering Heights ’78 … ugh

Trying to watch the first episode of Wuthering Heights from 1978, but am incredibly bored. I’m actually thinking it’d be more interesting to scrub out the corner cupboard and put stuff away than watching this.

Oh! It finished! WOOHOO!!

Episode one had Lockwood coming by, seemed very book-ish to me, and then it finished with Catherine having her Linton makeover. Something I still don’t get. They take her in… for FIVE WEEKS?! Why? Did they ask her dad’s permission or did they just take her in and then happen to forget to give her back the next day?

Gosh darnit. I set it to play all, so episode two has started… with Mrs. Earnshaw having given birth to Hareton. They did need to learn how to light the set properly, they’re all covered in darkness… much like the story. But there is darkness and there’s a lack of light. This is just lack of light.


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