Xmas Giveaway, Day 6: Item 12

Item 12 in the Christmas Giveaway is a book, or rather, a couple of books! Beyond the Legend and its sequel Forsaken Legacy by Jo Ann Mason, who is kindly providing these paperbacks. What a way to end the week – with a double giveaway! 🙂

I haven’t read them personally (not yet, anyway!), so I can’t say much about them, but here are the descriptions:

Beyond the Legend

Marianna is determined to save Prince Mordred’s immortal soul and prove that he can be an honorable man. Without revealing how deeply she has fallen in love with him, she must heal his battle wounds and his soul. Mordred, however, sees right through her heart felt secret and accepts the challenge to change his life. They marry and live in hidding with their small son until tragedy strikes, forcing Mordred to again be a warrior and seek help from a former enemy. Nearly six years after Arthur’s death, Mordred must defend the crown his father left to his cousin and rescue his wife from his greatest nemesis, his own mother.

Oh, a take on Arthurian legends, no less! Here’s the second book description:

Forsaken Legacy

The Lady Marianna has just lost her husband, the infamous Prince Mordred, in an attempt to save her and his cousin’s kingdom from his mother, Morgan le Faye. At Mordred’s last request a young knight, Sir Thomas, had been sworn to deliver her to King Constantine, Mordred’s cousin and Arthur’s successor. Along the way Thomas discovers that he wants to be more than just her protector and Marianna finds that life as a royal brings her more than she ever expected or ever wanted, as well as struggling to choose between the two men she loves most- one who is at her side and the other who is gone forever. Meanwhile Mordred’s friend Sir John faces his own life changing events including the fight that will save the entire island but end the late King Arthur’s dream of One King, One Country.

See what you make of it! I’d love it if you post a review of it somewhere to help Jo Ann spread the word. 🙂 You can find Jo Ann (a fellow Richard Armitage fan and Pagan, no less!) on her blog, cerridwenspeaks, grab her books on Lulu and follow @mymordred on Twitter.

Giveaway closes at some point during 27 December 2011. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted and with a bit of luck, has responded with some form of contact details so I can send it when the post office opens again on the 28th.

Remember, I need to be able to contact you and get your postal address if you win, so if you’re not on Facebook, Etsy, Twitter or any other way of getting in touch, it will be hard to let you know you’ve won, and so on, so in order to be in with a chance of winning, add some kind of contact details and answer the following qualifying question: Who is your favourite character from Arthurian legend?

This giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

That’s all I had lined up for the Christmas Giveaway. There might be another one next year, but for now, this is it. Hope you have a great Christmas weekend – it started today for some countries, e.g. Sweden. I might pop in with a quick message tomorrow, but aside from that, I’ll see you again on Monday, with a new review.

Merry Christmas!!

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