Yes, you ARE a sex god, Richard!

By googling Spooks 8 in trying to find when it’s going to be shown, I came across a Spooks forum which linked to an article in today’s Daily Mail, entitled Me, a sex god? Spooks star Richard Armitage on his army of female fans

When done swooning and squeeing, my reactions are thus:

1. He’s no longer living with that previously mentioned lady, so a part of me is sad for his sake, while the other one wants to jump on a train to London. *cough*

2. It also says he can lay laminate flooring. We might want laminate in the new house we’re moving to, Richard… fancy popping ’round and givin’ us a hand? 😉 (OMG, he’s good at DIY as well! This guy is starting to sound too good to be true!)

3. He uses words like “frugal”. That to me shows that he’s well-read. People who are generally have a pretty decent vocabulary. Oh, and he has a “fast mind” (squeee!!) and a “fast metabolism”: Richard, we love you already, don’t rub it in. Just because you’re gorgeous in so many ways doesn’t mean the rest of us are! ;P

4. The interviewer goes fangirl on us. I really don’t blame her! He has that effect on women. He should come with a warning sticker, really. “May cause sudden swooning” or something. She also likes pointing out his baritone voice… soooo the voice is getting to her too, eh? *giggle*

5. He won’t be doing Strictly Come Dancing anytime soon. Or rather, at all. Which is a shame. The man can dance, or so it would seem, so recently I have been thinking that he’d be great on that show. Then I’d actually sit down and watch it. Voluntarily. I’d even set the harddrive recorder. Every week. And watch the repeats. I’d pick up the phone and vote too! The thought of him doing a tango… woah, we’d all spontaneously combust for sure!

6. I didn’t think it was possible for this man to make us fall more in love with him every time he appears in an article, but by gods – SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

7. The article reminded me that he’s doing that thing for Sky. Thank goodness we’ve decided to keep our subscription after the move! I mean, how much would I have had to kick myself if we hadn’t?!

To finish off, I couldn’t agree with Allison Pearson more:

And just think of the saving on the heating bills. If we plug Richard Armitage , reluctant Love God, into the national grid, he can keep us warm all winter.

Who needs EON, npower, Southern Electric, British Gas and the likes? All we need to keep warm are healthy doses of RA, and the female half of the population is sorted. Just wish the Beeb would hurry up and give us Spooks 8 already! We need our Lucas North fix! Meanwhile, it’s looking increasingly like that £22 worth of Amazon gift certificates I have will be spent on certain DVDs I seem to be lacking…

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