A tribute to MTV Deutschland

Back in the day, for some reason, the music channel we received at home (in Sweden) was MTV Germany. I rather enjoyed this channel. Not that I ever saw any Modern Talking on it (admittedly the reason for watching), aside from a few commercials, but it didn’t matter. There was a lot of music and bands that I’d never heard of before but whose music I really enjoyed. Here’s a random sample of songs I remember from those days:

The next song is the theme from a film I quite like, Anatomie. Not the last time in this post you’ll come across Xavier Naidoo either.

While we’re on the subject, this is another great song from that film, sung by the woman who played the character of Gretchen:

To counteract the darkness, something decidedly lighter in tone:

More lightheartedness and the sort of bizarre sense of humour no one outside of Germany probably gets 🙂 (I mean that in a nice way, btw):

Still kind of funny but very punky (I think?):

Technically, this is in English and not German:

To counteract it, here’s a mellow R&B type song:

More from Söhne Mannheims feat. Xavier Naidoo:

Bit of reggae now, with “that guy who performed during this year’s Eurovision”:


Some doctors with a sense of humour:

From the Astérix film, a ballad my sister really likes:

A song I didn’t see on MTV Deutschland, but which is a great song:

Another fantastic song and a good film. Or maybe I’m just distracted by the abs …:

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