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Ask Thorin #3

Ask 3" Thorin

Episode 3

Thorin is proving popular, although most of it seems to be spam. He doesn’t know what spam is, so he insists on replying even to those emails where perhaps he shouldn’t.

Dear Thorin,

Lack of vitamins, spring depression? Don’t live a little, be healthy with us! The most wide range of medicals here!

/Dorothy Rodriguez

Greetings Dorothy Rodriguez,

Thank you for your concern about my well-being. I can assure you that my diet is varied and contains all the nutrients I will need. If I should ever need any, I’m sure the mistress of this house can supply me with whatever I might be missing, because she apparently has a whole box full.

3″ Thorin

You know, Thorin, since the 1970s, most of our vegetables have actually lost a lot of their nutrients. There have been several studies confirming this. Because of more efficient farming and consumers’ demand for bigger vegetables grown quicker, the varieties of vegetables now grow too quickly and become too big to actually have the nutrients they once had. Most of them have seen a loss of at least 50% of the nutrients compared to what they were like in our grandparents’ generation.

So what does that mean?

Well, basically it means that those who insist that vitamins and mineral supplements are completely unnecessary and a waste of money if you have a balanced diet are wrong. Even if we eat healthily, we’re not getting the same amount of nutrients from our food that we once would have done, meaning taking a multivitamin and multimineral is actually a very good idea indeed. Although the ones you buy at the supermarket only contain the recommended daily amount, which is actually only the very minimum amount your body needs a day to not develop things like scurvy.

I have heard of scurvy. Sometimes in the long winter months under the mountain, it could happen to dwarves when supplies of fruit dwindled. That is why many of them have opted for planting fruit orchards along the slopes of the mountains we live in. It is a good investment for the future.

Excellent! You dwarves really are a clever bunch.

Was there ever any doubt?

No, of course not. Wouldn’t dream of it.

Good. You seem to be read up on these things. Do you have any recommendations?

It really depends. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a strong dose of Vitamin D will help. A holistic practitioner recommended I take 10,000 IU daily, and I’m feeling a lot better for it. Vitamin D is what the body makes when it’s exposed to sunlight. Unless you like somewhere like northern Africa or the Mediterranean, your body can’t produce any of it during the winter months because the UV rays can’t actually get to us. Something about angles and the atmosphere. There was a study quoted in a very interesting lecture I saw on YouTube, but I’m afraid it’s in Swedish.

Is that a variant on Elvish?

Umm, no. It’s my native language. Do I look Elvish to you?

No, your body is clearly more dwarven in shape, if considerably taller.

… I’ll take that as a compliment.

It was a compliment. If you only had a beard, you would be really pretty.

… Uh, thanks?

You are most welcome.

To sum things up, if you want to know what various herbal supplements are good for, I suggest checking a site I found the other day, herbwisdom.com, which contains information about a whole bunch of them.

To ask 3“ Thorin’s advice, plop down a comment or email it to askthorin@traxy.co.uk and it will be answered in a future (less preachy) episode. 🙂

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