Captain America and the Moral Dilemma

It’s Wednesday and I need an RA fix! Tomorrow’s the UK voting referendum and I just found out I’m only eligible to vote in the local council elections, because I’m not a UK citizen – I’m just a resident. 🙁 Anyway, I’m not keen on this blog being too (or at all) political, so here we go: today’s Richard Armitage post! Today, Captain America.

(Pic from Richard Armitage Online)

Captain America: The First Avenger is due out in cinemas late July. It’s bound to have a lot of “well-educated Radio Four listeners” in the audience, which is funny, as that’s not the audience you’d normally expect for a superhero comic book adaptation. Oh Richard, the things you do to us poor ladies … or rather, the things you make us do!

Anyway, the role he’s playing is that of Heinz Kruger. I might hang out in a comic book store and do roleplaying there, but it doesn’t mean I’m at all clued up about the Captain America universe. Not at all. The Squeeze probably is, but “so, you know Heinz Kruger? What’s he like?” feels like an awkward question. He probably doesn’t even remember the guy, as it doesn’t seem like Herr Kruger’s a very big part in the film. From what I’ve gathered, however, the man’s a Nazi.

Yeah, you heard me, a Nazi

Think about that one for a moment. How many of the following words popped up in your head? Evil. Genocide. Antisemitism. Concentration camps. Hitler. Gestapo. Ghettos. Ethnic cleansing. Gas chambers. Kristallnacht. Swastikas. War … And so on. You get the general idea. Even if you can think of neutral (Germany, there’s one!) or even positive things (they were way ahead on animal welfare legislation, believe it or not), I bet you wouldn’t put the word “Nazi” in the same sentence as “OMG, hawt!!”, right? We like a man in uniform, sure, as long as their hats to not have skulls on them.

And that’s where the moral dilemma thing comes in. Nazis = Evil. Richard Armitage = OMG hawt!! See what I’m getting at?

Yeah, that’s my facial expression too.
(Source as above.)

How does that even work? We’re supposed to fancy a Nazi? But that goes against everything I believe in! Everything I’ve been taught growing up! If we’re lucky, he won’t actually be in a uniform, so it won’t be as confusing. Unlike watching the Dutch film Zwartboek (Black Book in English) – MAN, that was weird!

Sebastian Koch. In uniform. Smouldering. And Nazi! Nazis are not supposed to be likeable, and they’re definitely not supposed to be bloody swoonworthy! Okay, to be fair, not all Germans were Nazis, and realistically, they weren’t all evil – a lot of the soldiers were just regular guys fighting for their country. But still! It’s confusing.

Do we know for sure about Kruger? Yeah, pretty much. According to Marvel Universe: The Appendix, he was a German spy and apparently a part of Gestapo too, and a member of the Nazi Party and affiliated with Hitler. So that’s pretty conclusive, really. On the plus side, it also says this:

He allegedly had a lovely singing voice and he build the most beautiful model ships.

Lovely singing voice. Sounds like Richard, doesn’t it? 🙂 Do you think Richard builds model ships, or that he did when he was growing up? Or model airplanes, perhaps? Richard “Airfix” Armitage?

(I’m also easily distracted. Can you tell?)

Looks good in glasses, though. (Source)

How do you feel about Richard playing a Nazi? Conflicted or maybe you don’t give a damn because it’s all just make-believe anyway so who cares?

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