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Deleted scenes from Jane Eyre 2011

This post would not have been made if it wasn’t for BrontëBlog who alerted me to their existance, and for uploading them! It’s SOME deleted scenes (NOT all of them!) from Jane Eyre (2011), which comes out on Region 1 DVD (North America) on 16 August. Us Brits still have to wait for the cinema release, which is one month today! The wait is almost over …

What do you think? Would the inclusion of these scenes have made the latest adaptation better?

P.S. A note on Wuthering Heights (2011): It’s set to premiere in UK cinemas 11 November 2011. Fancy that: 11/11/11.

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6 thoughts on “Deleted scenes from Jane Eyre 2011

  1. Why were these scenes eliminated? Maybe Mia’s mustache was showing too much in the garden scene. 😉

    No really – out of the 4 scenes, only the climbing out the window scene was remotely questionable. Seeing Helen in the mirror and then out on the moors with Jane was a little much, since she wasn’t shown anywhere else. Other than that, I think they’re all just WONDERFUL.

    PLUS, the vampire rending the veil scene is so crucial to the story. It baffles me why they would leave it out. If someone argues that it would make the movie too long, they need a swift kick.

    I was just ranting to Joe about movie length the other day – how come LOTR can have 3 movies at 3 hours apiece, and the Hobbit (a CHILDREN’S BOOK) generates TWO MOVIES yet Jane Eyre totals 120 minutes and crucial scenes are deleted?

    I’m so sorry you have had to wait so long. If it were me STILL waiting, I would just make a loop of these 4 scenes and the trailer, and set it on repeat on my desktop. Seeing these scenes makes me want to see the movie a third time. But at least you’ve had Capt America and Thorin O. to watch in the meantime.

  2. There’s MORE scenes on the DVD? I wasn’t sure – that is super exciting! I really wish they’d left the badminton scene and the wedding veil scene in the final film – but I would’ve been happy if it was all of 4hrs long too. 🙂

  3. Ooooo… I just watched the running away scene again, and Helen is in it a THIRD time – she is waiting for Jane outside the window, down on the lawn. Very metaphorical. I like it even more now.

  4. I haven’t seen this movie yet. But the deleted scenes look good. I admit I like this actor’s pleading scene much better than Timothy Dalton’s embarrassing scene in the miniseries. (That was the only scene I really didn’t like, BTW).

  5. Only just had the chance to watch these clips and overall, I think I might like this Rochester. 🙂 Just a shame the clips have very low volume – was difficult to hear without headphones. Got everything turned up to max on the laptop and still struggled with ear close to speaker.

    Nan: I’ve not seen the film yet (obviously, but ohh that reminds me of something) but it felt as if the final scene dragged on a bit, to be honest. Helen – nice touch. Climbing out of the window – eh? That kind of fall could easily have broken her leg! The badminton scene should really have been left in, the veil too. The brief meeting in the hallway, I can understand why they cut out. It doesn’t add anything to the story as such, and such scenes often end up on the cutting room floor. I wholeheartedly agree on The Hobbit, as I’m currently reading the book. They’re putting that into TWO films? Most of it is just faffing about, singing and Tolkien trying to be cute by having to name a dozen dwarfs/dwarves (I forget which is the preferred form) all the time. Hopefully the films will be no longer than 90 mins. Either that, or we shall require to see Thorin’s chest hair. And Kili’s and Fili’s. Just sayin’.

    Ruth: Haha, yeah, four hours worth of JE! <3 That’s 2006, really, and that could’ve been dragged out a bit as well! P&P ’95 was six episodes, not four … The person who posted the videos on YouTube say that there are more than those four clips in the deleted scenes, so I have to take his/her word for it. If/when you get the DVD, please let us know? 🙂

    Nan again: Yes, she seems to be showing Jane the way, as in “follow me!”

    Phylly3: I hope there’s more pleading in the film itself. Wonder if they’re actually doing the library scene or if they skip that. Will have to wait and see, I suppose! 🙂

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