Eyreaholic or Eyrehead?

“Why does Ms. Bailey say I burned down Thornfield?”
“Because she got all the characters wrong, Adèle.”
“And what of Ms. Tennant? She says I hate you!”
“Hush; do not speak of that crime against fiction.”

Cashing in some Amazon vouchers, I’m now waiting for these babies to be delivered to my doorstep:

  • Adèle, Grace, and Céline: The Other Women of “Jane Eyre” by Claire Moise
  • Jane Eyre’s Daughter by Elizabeth Newark
  • Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin and Charlotte Brontë

And a Cliffs Notes about Jane Eyre as well, because it sounded useful. And – just so I can have it as a reminder to myself for the next time my survey-taking pays off (or hey, it’s my birthday in a few weeks!) – here’s a list of books on my wish list:

  • The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart (ooh, they’re selling it for a penny! Sweet!)
  • Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn
  • Jane by April Lindner (huh, Amazon says it’s not been released yet?)
  • Jane Airhead by Kay Woodward

I think I can borrow Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier from a sister-in-law, and either way, I found an adaptation of it in a charity shop some months ago, and haven’t seen it yet. I would like to get my mitts on Jane Rochester by Kimberly A. Bennett but it’s going for silly money on both Amazon and eBay. I ain’t payin’ out £150+ for a second hand book! I might be desperate, but I’m not that desperate made of money.

A Breath of Fresh Eyre: Intertextual and Intermedial Reworkings of “Jane Eyre” by Margarete Rubik and Elke Mettinger-Schartmann could be interesting, and even more so Mrs. Rochester by Warwick Blanchett – but not £60 each worth of interesting … 🙁


And I don’t even say I read fanfic. Although now I guess I do. For study purposes. The spin-offs I’ve read so far have been most edifying, especially from a “what the hell? No, that’s just WRONG!” perspective. At least it works well when it comes to figuring out what to write myself. 🙂

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