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First ever Richard Armitage Fanstravaganza!

The bloggosphere is downright awesome sometimes, because it’s such a great community, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Today, a bunch of Richard Armitage fanbloggers start polls about various aspects of Richard Armitage and his acting career, as well as the fandom that has popped up around him. (Fandom that has happened, of course, because we just can’t help ourselves – he brings out the creativity in us all. Imagine if that was a superhero power. “Who are you?” “I am the CREATIVITOR!” …Okay, that was lame.)

Before I introduce the topic of voting here at The Squeee, here are the other participants. Hop over to their blogs and vote on the Fanstravaganza polls, but don’t just vote and then bugger off again – no, please stick around and read their other posts as well. It’ll be well worth your time, I promise. 🙂

And so to the polls!

Most Despised Leading Lady

It’s a tricky category, because of the things I’ve seen so far, most of them aren’t awful enough to class them as despised. While I might not always see eye to eye with Ramona or Jo in Cold Feet, I despise neither. Kate in Robin Hood, gosh, she’s a nuisance, but she wasn’t really too closely involved with Gisborne… and I’m not sure I’d class her as a leading lady. But anyway, here’s the list!

Alona Cunningham, Between the Sheets
An impression based on cut together scenes on YouTube and a very steamy video file found when image-googling the show without the SafeSearch switched on? Oh indeed. She seemed too wrapped up in herself to care about anyone else, except of course, her man’s “peaches”. There is more to that man than peaches, you know, even if those happen to be the most lasting impression. *cough*

Carol Bolton, Sparkhouse
But but but… she hooks up with John who is in love with her and has been for years! Surely that’s not to be frowned upon? It is if you’re duping an innocent lovestruck puppy to have a shag with you just so you can make your ex jealous, and then later on marrying said lovestruck puppy to spite your ex who went off and got married to someone else. Oh yes, and handling the whole engagement thing as a strict business proposal. I know she had a really messed up life with lashings of tragedy in her youth, but still. I have my rose-tinted RA glasses on today!

Ellie Morgan, Moving On
Surely an innocent victim? Perhaps, but I also found her grating, and she wasn’t very nice to her friend either. And she should learn to spend her money more wisely. Not to mention she could’ve jumped John Mulligan’s bones a lot quicker. 😉

Fannie Thornton, North & South
A 19th century bimbo if ever there was one. She’s weak, dependent, silly and shallow and it’s impressive to think she’s the sister of the gallant John, not to mention that she’s the offspring of the very strong and independent Hannah. Not hard to see why Hannah prefers her son over her daughter.

Isabella of Gisborne, Robin Hood
I’m torn between loving and hating Izzy of Gizzy. Her dresses were to be admired, the fact that she looked like she actually could’ve been related to RA was cool, and she was an interesting baddie. If only she could’ve kept to one side and not kept almost jumping into bed with Robin Hood and the next time being pure evil only to be completely submissive as soon as her hubby shows up. I thought she had more guts than that. Fair enough, she was sold off quite young and all, but it seemed odd that someone so scheming and independent would turn around just like that.

Ivy Ridgeway, Malice Aforethought
Haven’t seen Malice Aforethought, so I don’t really know what’s up with her, but I have it on Nat‘s authority that this character’s annoying.

Kath, Frozen
Can you moan just a little bit more? I don’t think we heard you the first time! Sure, the actress played Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter, but Kath is Myrtle times two, with a twist of emo. Ick!

Marian, Robin Hood
Where to begin? She’s a manipulative cow! She gladly walks all over the feelings of Gisbourne, kisses him to distract him. She’s like that Katy Perry song: she’s hot and she’s cold, she’s yes then she’s no… BAH! To Gizzy’s delight, she agrees to marry him, but what happens? She humiliates him by deserting him at the altar (not before kicking him in the balls), and then, in season two, she has the audacity to act all hurt and “what have I done to deserve your scorn?” and all that. What you’ve done?! FFS woman, are we watchin the same show? No, Marian getting skewered was the best thing that ever happened to that show. Not just because she had it coming, but also because it made season three a lot more interesting.

Madeleine Cranmere, Malice Aforethought
Apparently this is also an annoying character. I really need to get a hold of this and watch it, so I can find them annoying as well! She looks annoying.

Sarah Caulfield, Spooks
The only pictures I found when looking for images of Sarah were with her being bound and gagged, I swear! (Okay, the only pictures on page one of search results. But hey, it’s a good picture. ;)) Her being gagged is good, though. That means she can’t use that fake American accent to tell Lucas all those lies, half-truths and what have you. We know Lucas is damaged goods, so of course he’s going to succumb to her siren calls of love. Love which is entirely an act, and in fact, she’s a cold-hearted scheming assassin, not afraid of treason. Like Marian, she had it coming.

Piccies from various sources off Google Image Search.

Traxy Thornfield

A Swedish introvert residing in Robin Hood Country (Nottingham, UK) with a husband and two cats. She's an eager participant in tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying, woodworking, photography and European travel, when there's not a plague on. Might get a novel out one of these days, if she doesn't get too distracted along the way.

11 thoughts on “First ever Richard Armitage Fanstravaganza!

  1. This is a tough call. I went with Marian though because I just hated what she did to poor Gisborne.

  2. @Ruth: I agree, she was such a stuck-up child. That she hurt his feelings so badly and toyed with him like that and then all of a sudden she was SURPRISED that he wouldn’t give her the time of day! I mean COME ON! Silly girl.

    @phylly3: Haha, yes. Best picture I could’ve ever hoped for to find. 😉

  3. not seen Malice and Frozen yet but while Fanny Thornton was quite a cow, Nancy Drew wins the vote pants down. If only for THAT accent. Picture’s perfect.
    Close second might be Marian, What on earth was she thinking?!? Absolutely agree with you on her both deserving to die and making season 3 Guy possible. For that she almost deserves thanks 😀

  4. I went with the chick from Moving On…watched it online…she was beyond grating…and no chemistry at all. Smile for goodness sakes … he brought you fish & chips!

    Now as for Sarah…well she was bad and there was no chemistry and the accent…yikes…still because of her character we got to see more of Lucas’ tattoos & arms & back & ….oopps sorry drifted off…um where was I…

  5. I may not like Sarah Caufield but at least I got to watch her getting it on with RA. I picked Kath because she’s the reason I can’t get myself to buy the dvd!

  6. Actually I can’t stand Ramona Ramirez in Cold Feet either! She was such a nag! Why he proposed I’ll never understand!
    Oh course, she had a good reason to be jealous…

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