Guilty Pleasures: Britney Spears

What’s your guilty pleasure? Here’s one of mine … and I feel more than a little embarrassed to admit it, but that’s why they call it “guilty pleasures” after all. Britney Spears. There, I said it.

It started the very first time I saw Baby … One More Time on TV, which was when it first came out, so help me gods. But then again, when the talented Heathra makes videos like this, it feels just a tad bit acceptable anyway, don’t you think? 😉

But actually, I’m nearly as likely to cheer gleefully over the steamy original, and Womanizer needs to be available to download for Singstar, godsdamnit, not just a bunch of her crappy songs I don’t like!

Heaven On Earth is a song I first heard on the radio (it’s not a single, but it’s on one of the albums – and for the record, no, I don’t have all of her albums … only a couple *cough*) and instantly fell in love with it. In fact, it could only be improved if it was sung by someone else (Thomas Anders springs to mind, squeeee!!), but hell, I love the melody regardless:

And the classic:

That’s it for this week’s confessions. I’ve told you mine now, so what’s your guilty pleasure?

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