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Holy skin-tight suit, Superman!

ComicBookMovie.com have posted some pictures of Henry Cavill dressed in full Superman costume, for the new, “darker” franchise reboot, Man of Steel (2013). Dark? Superman?! That just sounds wrong. But anyway. Here’s what Clark Kent’s superhero alias will look like:

Nice cape, Clark.

But what’s more:

He’s even allowed genitalia this time, unlike Brandon Routh.

Cute buns, Clark. Less keen on them ribs o’ yours, though.

Err. Someone else get the feeling that this is just WRONG? I mean, sure, nice physique there, Cavill. Good for the eyecandy part and all, but where are the red undies? It looks too professional, somehow. Similar to the suit in Spider Man 3, and not a far cry from The Dark Knight either. Dunno. It just doesn’t exactly scream “Superman” at me. And that’s regardless of the big ol’ S on the chest.

What do you think? Super hot or super not?

Traxy Thornfield

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5 thoughts on “Holy skin-tight suit, Superman!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you! Not that I’m not admiring Henry Cavill’s buns right now, but I miss the red shorts and I think it’s OK to update, but tradition has its place as well. The hair and cape seem to be retro, but the rest! Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Superman franchise for kids, maybe older kids, but still?

    But I acknowledge that difficult to tell with just the few pics we’ve seen so far how it will actually look in the film.

  2. Musa: We had a discussion about Superman and the “let’s reboot the franchise and make it DARKER!” thing that’s sweeping the comic book movies. Do it again, only DARKER this time. It worked very well for Batman, but Batman lends itself very well to that style. The nature of Gotham City as such is quite dark, so it gels very well. Then they’re doing the same to Spider Man, and that feels wrong simply because they had a successful reboot just a few years ago. The Superman universe in itself isn’t dark. It’s bright and colourful and cheerful. But now they’re wanting to make dorky reporter Clark Kent into something that he has never been? And for what reason? “Darker is better!” I’m not sold on the idea, and neither were the comic book nerds with whom the discussion was held. :/

    ifbyyes: LOL!

  3. I have mixed feelings about this flick. I like the idea of Cavill as Superman, but the costume just seems “off” to me, and the whole idea of “let’s do it darker” — not sure how this is gonna play out. Like you say, the Spider-Man “re-boot” — seriously it hasn’t even been ten years since Spidey 3 and we’re already redoing it? Nuts. But what am I saying — it’s practically guaranteed that I’ll see it. 🙂

  4. Completely agree with you, Ruth. And yup, I’m fairly certain we’ll be watching it at the cinema too when it comes out!

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