Horrible Histories series 3 on DVD

Got the message through that the third series of Horrible Histories will be released toward the end of May but that it is now available to pre-order from Amazon UK. That’s where my alert came from, but other retailers are available. Especially HMV, they could do with the custom.

Third series of course includes songs about Dick Turpin, the Suffragettes, Richard III, William Wallace, Victorian children working, Incan priests and all the kings and queens since William the Conqueror.


Speaking of singing, Engelbert Humperdinck will be representing the UK in this year’s Eurovision. Bloke’s 75, but in today’s day and age, even pensioners are required to work. Ah. Ha. Ha. Seriously though, will be interesting to see how he does, especially compared to Ireland, who are unleashing Jedward once again. We have some great singers here. Why don’t we send Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones next year? That would be EPIC.

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