I write like … different people

A friend pointed me in the direction of this little text analyser: I Write Like. Paste a bit of text and voilà, it will tell you which author it thinks you write like.

James Joyce
Mr. Joyce, I presume? Like looking in a mirror! Or not. I don’t recall having a ‘tache. Or glasses. Or a hat. Or a bowtie.

Pasting part one of a story gave me Margaret Atwood. Part two, HP Lovecraft. Erm, what sort of a combination is that? Pasting the WHOLE story in one go, however, returned Stephanie Meyer. *bangs head on desk* I resent that. Those characters have plenty of personality, I’ll have you know. I borrowed ’em off Charlotte Brontë, after all. Bah!

Other bits of writing it analysed returned Kurt Vonnegut and PG Wodehouse. Some blog posts from here returned Dan Brown (Jane Eyre – the Graphic Novel), James Joyce (The French Dancer’s Bastard a.k.a. Thornfield Hall a.k.a. Adèle), Charles Dickens (Mrs. Rochester: The Sequel to Jane Eyre) and Cory Doctorow (The Twilight Saga: New Moon). Who the deuce is Cory Doctorow? *Wikis* Ooh, I see. Well, that’s all right then. 🙂

SWEET! I even managed to get Jane Austen (this one AND this here one)! 😀

And yes, I am trying lots of different bits just to see if I can manage to get one of the Brontës as a result. *cough*

The most common returns seem to be James Joyce, Dan Brown, HP Lovecraft and Jane Austen. With regards to HP Lovecraft – does it mean I write like “something scary’s gonna happen, something scary’s gonna happen, something scary’s going to happen … nothing scary whatsoever happens”? :] And Dan Brown, really short chapters that piss off the church? (I can live with that.) James Joyce – I haven’t the foggiest. But he’s Irish and stuff, so I approve. Just chuffed with PG Wodehouse (because of Douglas Adams) and Jane Austen. Score! Then maybe I can forgive it for suggesting the mother of Sparkles, Shirtless and Brainless.

If you do the I Write Like test, who did you come out as? 🙂

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