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Random acts of statistics

Here’s what you get when you’re procrastinating from school work. *cough*

I’ve looked at all the labels of the (currently, before posting this) 152 posts of this blog (6 of which are currently drafts). I knew the most frequently used one was “Richard Armitage”, but how many per cent of my blog posts are RA-centric? A lot. 🙂

I’ve used 433 labels in total. Out of those, 175 I’ve only used once, making up 40.42% of the total. Labels used two to five times go up to 127 (29.33%). I was wondering if it was better to leave the 5x left, because it contains some rather nice topics (namely: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter, Modern Talking and Toby Stephens) but decided not to in the end, and rather focus on the 6x or more, making the remainder of the list thus:

Emma (6 labels) 1.39%
Ken Olin (6 labels) 1.39%
Sam Neill (6 labels) 1.39%
Jane Austen (7 labels) 1.62%
Robin Hood (7 labels) 1.62%
Emily Brontë (8 labels) 1.85%
Genevieve O’Reilly (8 labels) 1.85%
Charlotte Brontë (9 labels) 2.08%
Spooks (10 labels) 2.31%
Wuthering Heights (12 labels) 2.77%

…then there’s a bit of a leap to:

Jane Eyre (20 labels) 4.62%

…and again, an even bigger leap to:

Richard Armitage (32 labels) 7.39%

So 7.39% of the total labels here are to do with RA. Doesn’t sound like a lot. Then again, as a post can’t have two tags that are the same (calculator says each post has 2.85 labels), that means that we have to re-evaluate the list a bit, meaning if we count the amount of labels vs actual post count, and if we go by 10+ labels (because I’m lazy), we get:

Spooks 6.58%
Wuthering Heights 7.89%
Jane Eyre 13.16%
Richard Armitage 21.05%

Okay, technically all the Spooks posts are also RA posts but hey. 21% is more than 1/5, so I guess it means The Squee is “a little more than 1/5”, or 21% if you prefer, a Richard Armitage blog! And at the same time, it’s also a 13% Jane Eyre blog! 🙂

Question is, if 1/5 is RA… which fifth are we talking about? Now there’s a topic… *giggle*

See, this is the sort of statistics I find interesting and sooo much fun to calculate. It’s when it comes down to chi-squares, z-scores and probability and stuff like that that I want to run for cover and cry, because numbers and mathematics isn’t a strong point for me. Fortunately, in the end, I managed to pass the statistics bit of the psychology course I’m on so at least that hurdle is passed. Speaking of which, I really should get to work on all those things that need handing in on said course. Which is what I should be doing. If procrastination was a sport, I’d be an olympic champion…

Traxy Thornfield

A Swedish introvert residing in Robin Hood Country (Nottingham, UK) with a husband and two cats. She's an eager participant in tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying, woodworking, photography and European travel, when there's not a plague on. Might get a novel out one of these days, if she doesn't get too distracted along the way.

2 thoughts on “Random acts of statistics

  1. Richard Armitage and Jane Eyre! Works for me! Afterall, I come for the RA love but stay for the extra goodies too!
    I’m with you on the procrastination front. One time when I was supposed to be studying for an exam, I decided it was vitally important to bleach my bathroom walls! (Since I am not a Suzy homemaker, you could see how “off the wall” this behaviour really was!) It occured to me as I stood on the edge of the bathtub with bleach water running down my arm, that I was going to a LOT of trouble to avoid studying!

  2. Haha, that’s brilliant! 😀 I’m exactly the same. When I find myself doing some serious cleaning, I really know I’m trying to put something off quite heavily! Or “why yes, I just HAD to go through my Outlook inbox just now and delete old messages and sort the rest into folders. If I’ve written that essay thing yet? Umm… yeah, I’m right on top of that… definitely. Just-ah… taking a little break.”

    Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂 *hugs*

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