Richard Armitage filmed interview about Spooks

Just came across this:

Richard Armitage doesn’t like violence for the sake of violence. He’d like Lucas to go out in a way that isn’t necessarily violent – maybe drowning, because it’s a personal fear for him. Harry would take Lucas in an armwrestling match and he would like to do something “nice and calm and all about love”. Other than that, nothing really new under the sun. Oh, and there’s stubble – and you can see chest hair. Not that I was distracted or anything. *cough*

Also, why not have a look at the brand new Richard Armitage Daily online “newspaper”? It’s based on people using the #RichardArmitage hashtag on Twitter. 😀

David A Stephenson has an audio interview available as well, for £1. I can definitely bear to part with that amount of money for a near half-hour’s interview with the Man with That Voice. Oh, it just finished downloading, yay!

I repeat: “Jaysus, ladies, it’s Christmas!” (said in a broad Irish accent.)

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