The Quest to read everything Jane Eyre

…before they go as mad as the secret wife in the attic? I aim to find out! 🙂

This is where it all began.

Okay, I don’t mean I aim to read Jane Eyre prequels, sequels, spin-offs and inspired bys/based ons until I actually go insane, more like, how many can I manage to read before I get thoroughly fed up with the whole thing.

Here’s the cunning plan … (updated 15 May 2014)

Have, already read, with links to reviews

Please note that the star ratings here do not necessarily correspond with the rating I gave the books in the actual reviews. Here, it’s just an illustration of the overall impression I had of them, to kind of drive home the point of the section.

Outstanding (★★★★★)

  1. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (spin-off)
  2. Jane by April Lindner (re-telling, modern)
  3. Jane Airhead by Kay Woodward (inspired by, modern)
  4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (the original and best)
  5. Jane Eyre – the Graphic Novel (original, re-told as a graphic novel)
  6. Jane Eyre’s Husband – The Life of Edward Rochester by Tara Bradley (prequel, re-telling, sequel about Rochester)
  7. Jane Slayre by Charlotte Brontë and Sherri Browning Erwin (re-telling, horror/comedy)

Exceeds Expectations (★★★★)

  1. A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont (YA, inspired by, partial re-telling)
  2. An American Heir by Chrissy Breen Keffer (re-telling, modern, Kindle)
  3. The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey (re-telling, 50/60s)
  4. Ironskin by Tina Connolly (re-telling, steampunk/fantasy)
  5. Miss Elliott and the Eldritch by Laura Neubert (novella: re-telling, horror)
  6. Rochester by JL Niemann (re-telling)
  7. Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg (re-telling, 1920s Hollywood)

Acceptable (★★★)

  1. Adele Grace and Celine: The Other Women of Jane Eyre by Claire Moïse (sequel)
  2. Brizecombe Hall by Catherine E Chapman (novelette: re-telling)
  3. Chocolate Roses: A Jane Eyre Parody by Joan Sowards (inspired by, modern, Mormon)
  4. It All Began with Jane Eyre by Sheila Greenwald (YA, inspired by)
  5. Jane Eyre’s Daughter by Elizabeth Newark (sequel)
  6. Jane Rochester by Kimberly A Bennett (1st Edition) (sequel)
  7. Jillian Dare by Melanie M Jeshke (re-telling, modern)
  8. Reader, I Married Him by Janet Mullany (novella: re-telling/sequel, erotic)
  9. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys (prequel)

Poor (★★)

  1. Claire’s Not-So-Gothic Romance by Bonnie Blythe (re-telling, modern)
  2. Devil Within by Catherine George (inspired by, 1980s)
  3. The Forbidden Innocent by Sharon Kendrick (re-telling, modern, Mills & Boon)
  4. Palladian by Elizabeth Taylor (inspired by)
  5. Rochester: Consummation by JL Niemann (re-working)
  6. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (may contain echoes of)

Dreadful (★)

  1. Adèle / The French Dancer’s Bastard / Thornfield Hall by Emma Tennant (prequel-sequel)
  2. Mrs. Rochester by Hilary Bailey (sequel)

Troll (-)

  1. Charlotte – The Final Journey of Jane Eyre by DM Thomas (inspired by/partial sequel, modern)
  2. Jane and Her Master by Stephen Rawlings (re-telling, erotic/BDSM)

Currently reading

  1. The Memoirs of Edward Rochester by Ken Jones (re-telling by Rochester, Kindle)
  2. The First Mrs. Rochester and Her Husband by MC Smith (prequel)
  3. Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy (spin-off)

On the shelf, waiting to be read

  1. Adele: A Tale by Julia Kavanagh (presumed re-telling?)
  2. Carisbrooke Abbey a.k.a. One Night at the Abbey by Amanda Grange (re-telling)
  3. Cometh Up As a Flower by Rhoda Broughton (inspired by)
  4. Copper Beeches, the by Arthur Conan Doyle (re-relling)
  5. Daisy Burns by Julia Kavanagh (inspired by?)
  6. Disciplining Jane by “Jane Eyre” (a.k.a. An English Education by P N Dedeaux) (re-telling, erotic/BDSM)
  7. Doing Mr. Rochester by Mandy Fontain (sequel?, erotic)
  8. Grace Lee by Julia Kavanagh (inspired by?)
  9. Henry Brocken: His Travels and Adventures in the Rich, Strange, Scarce-Imaginable Regions of Romance by Walter de la Mare (inspired by?)
  10. I Am Jane Eyre by Teana Rowland (re-telling, erotic)
  11. Ivy Tree, the by Mary Stewart (inspired by, mystery?)
  12. Jane by Marielena Zuniga (some kind of reality/novel mashup, Kindle)
  13. Jane_E: Friendless Orphan by Erin McCole-Cupp (re-telling, sci-fi)
  14. Jane Eyre, Beware by Anthony Auriemma & Carolyn Chambers Clark (inspired by, Kindle)
  15. Jane Eyre’s Rival: The Real Mrs Rochester by Clair Holland (re-telling, Kindle)
  16. Jane Eyrotica by Charlotte Brontë and Karena Rose (re-telling, erotic)
  17. Jane Rochester: Third Edition by Kimberly A Bennett (sequel, Kindle)
  18. Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn (re-telling, sci-fi)
  19. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon (inspired by)
  20. My Mr. Rochester by LK Rigel (re-telling?)
  21. Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart (inspired by)
  22. Olive by Dinah Mulock Craik (inspired by)
  23. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (inspired by)
  24. Rochester: Redemption by JL Niemann (re-working)
  25. South Riding by Winifred Holtby (inspired by)
  26. Thornycroft Hall by Emma Jane Worboise (late 19th Century rip-off?)
  27. Unicorn, the by Iris Murdoch (inspired by)
  28. Vera by Elizabeth von Armin (inspired by, similar to Rebecca)

Will be getting at some point

I’m eternally grateful for review copies, awesome authors/publishers! 🙂

  1. All Hallows at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray (sequel)
  2. Anne Eyre by Summer Day (re-telling)
  3. The Billionaire’s Secrets by Meadow Taylor (?)
  4. Cat and Mouse by Christianna Brand (inspired by)
  5. Dark Companion by Marta Acosta (re-telling)
  6. Jane Eyre Laid Bare by Eve Sinclair (re-telling, erotic)
  7. Jane Eyre: Clandestine Classics by Charlotte Brontë and Sierra Cartwright (full JE with added erotica bits)
  8. Jane Eyre Chronicles #1: Death of a Schoolgirl by Joanna Campbell Slan (mystery, sequel?)
  9. Jane Eyre Chronicles #2: Death of a Dowager by Joanna Campbell Slan (mystery, sequel?)
  10. Jane, the Fox, and Me by Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault

Not yet published

I’m eternally grateful for review copies, awesome authors/publishers! 🙂

  1. The Hierophant by Michael Shilling (?) 
  2. The Journal of Jane Reed Eyre by Kimberly A Bennett (?)
  3. The Truth About Jane Eyre by Beth Pattillo (?)

Would love, if I can a) find (if you can help, please let me know!) and b) afford

  • A Hidden Passion by Lucia Logan (plagiarised re-telling, homoerotic)
  • Mrs. Rochester by Warwick Blanchett (sequel)

Only if/when they are translated into English

  • Edward F. Rochester by Christine Paris Bruyer (French, re-telling)
  • La Bambinaia Francese by Bianca Pitzorno (Italian, re-telling)

Need further investigation to see if they’re applicable or not

  • Secret of Kyriels, the by Edith Nesbit (1899)
  • Wanted: Someone Innocent by Margery Allingham (1945)

I aim to read all the ones I can come over and review them and then make a post with short comments and summaries about each title so that there’s at least one comprehensive guide to these books out there on the interwebs. At least I tell myself this would be a good thing to do, something to strive toward, rather than just compulsively collect Jane Eyre-related books and read them because I’m ever so slightly obsessed by the story. Might as well put the obsession to good use, or, put a method to my madness.

I have to draw the line somewhere, so I’ve consciously decided not to include:

  • fanfic or short stories only posted in forums or on fanfic/writing communities (too much material, too little time – I wasn’t planning on continuing this quest into my next incarnation!)
  • short stories published in anthologies with other material (don’t want to buy a big book when I only want to read a small part of it – simply haven’t got the money … or shelf space. If it’s an anthology of ONLY JE-related items, fair enough)
  • poetry (ugh)
  • foreign languages (would help if I could understand what I’m reading, right? I’m fluent in English and Swedish, and Norwegian and Danish are similar enough to Swedish to work. I might be willing to try German, because I want to learn the language, but I’m only at a level to grasp very easy children’s books …)

If it’s a novella or short story published somewhere (or about to be) that the author can submit to me as a PDF, Word document or eBook format (.mobi, .prc, .azw), I’ll be willing to have a read and review it. Just provide me with some publication details, so I can point people in the right direction if they want to read it too. 🙂

If you spot any more, or can provide the novels I’m missing for a reasonable price or just lend them to me (you’ll get them back, I promise!), please let me know – DM me on Twitter (@TheSqueee), email me at blog (at) traxy (dot) co (dot) uk or see the bottom of the page for further stalking opportunities! 🙂

Big thanks to Thisbeciel at The Enthusiast’s Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations for a very extensive list of derivatives!

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