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The return of “5 Weeks – 5 Themes”

After last time, I thought I’d stay well clear of this feature, but as luck would have it … I haven’t learned anything from the past, and have decided to give it another go. So without further ado, starting tomorrow, 5 Weeks – 5 Themes is back!

5 Weeks - 5 Themes 2013

The idea of the feature is to group reviews into certain themes each week. Last week, I was posting five reviews a week … and shortly after that was when I opted for the three-a-week format, which is more sustainable for, well, my stress levels.

Like last year, I won’t say in which order the themes will come, as that’s subject to my ever-changing whims last-minute changes, but I can say as much that Brilliant Biopics and Weird & Wonderful will be returning. Just Jack (films starring Jack Nicholson) is giving way to another fine actor: Perfect Pitt (guess who?); and there will also be a few Riveting Royals coming along.

The first theme this year, however, is Infamous Infatuations. There are a couple of doomed romances (both based on real people, but one might be slightly less squicky more historically accurate than the other). The third one … was going to be the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita, but I would have to re-watch it (been years), and when I located my little notebook, I realised that there was another film I had seen but not yet reviewed that also fitted the bill, so I’m going for that instead. Will re-watch (and then review) Lolita some other time instead.

Infamous Infatuations

Traxy Thornfield

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4 thoughts on “The return of “5 Weeks – 5 Themes”

  1. Doomed Romances? Fictionally, I think of Wuthering Heights the most. In real life, I think of Pitt and Aniston.
    I can’t wait to see how this ‘5 Weeks – 5 Themes’ works. 🙂

    1. It’s not half as interesting as it might sound. 😉 I’ve done a few Wuthering Heights reviews already, so that is definitely not going to be one of them! (Not a favourite.) And I might swap Lolita for American Beauty on Friday, because AB has been watched and is waiting to be reviewed, whereas I’d have to rewatch L, which I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do.

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