The worst kept secret in Nottingham

Earlier in the year, I posted about Wollaton Hall and mentioned there’s another hall further south which has been modelled on it. They filmed bits of the new Batman movies there and said they should use Wollaton Hall as a filming location. My wish has been granted!

Probably the fanciest council house in Nottingham

Starting on Monday, rumour has it Hollywood are coming to town! It’s the worst kept secret in Nottingham right now: Wollaton Hall is to be Wayne Manor in the next Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises (due out in 2012). There have been casting calls in town for an “unnamed project” and all, apparently. (Why didn’t I know this beforehand so I could’ve given it a go?!) Nottingham has taken a step up from Magicians, shot at the Theatre Royal in the city. Holy heart of England, Batman!

If I hear anything more I’ll let you know. Also: I wrote this on my Kindle, so apologies for spelling being worse than normal. Will edit and add links and pics when I’m on an actual computer!

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