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Time Trax is officially on DVD


Things that make a simple fangirl very happy: finding out that Warner Bros have recently (earlier this month), finally, after all these years, decided to make the 1993/1994 sci-fi TV show Time Trax available on DVD.

The most disappointing thing thing is that it’s only series one. C’mon WB, you only ever made two – would it have killed you to release them both at the same time as a box set? 🙁

Another thing is that it’s a print-on-demand sort of thing, which is exactly what MGM did with series two (still waiting for the remaining two) of Poltergeist: The Legacy, which is another 1990s TV show, and it’s amazing. Series one is out in an official, properly released DVD box both in region one and two, and if you’ve never seen it, you’ve missed out on something. Time Trax is technically not amazing as TV shows go, but I still love it. Dale Midkiff is all kinds of gorgeous and people from The Flying Doctors kept guest starring because they shot it in Australia. What’s not to love?

Googling to find a good photo of Darien,
I can’t help but wonder why I’ve never
actually bought Pet Sematary on DVD.

As in they’ve not done any processing to upscale the picture quality, and I doubt we’ll see any extras or anything like that. Another problem with making the discs as and when someone requests it is that it takes time (for you as a customer) and it also costs a lot more than if you were to just go and buy something mass-produced off the shelf. Series one costs $40-50 for 22 episodes, which is similar to what you can get Poltergeist: The Legacy for. Hopefully they’ve thought through the DVD-R release of Time Trax, so it doesn’t get delivered on 11 discs with two episodes on each.

Another issue is that in order to be able to part with that hard-earned cash, for either TV show, is that the discs are region one – meaning you need a region free DVD player to be able to watch them. (We do, so that’s fine.) You’ll also need to order directly from the US, because you can’t get them in Europe, which means that if you’re unlucky, you’ll have to fork out additional customs charges, not to mention postage charges are a lot higher and Amazon can’t offer you “Free Super-Saver Delivery” – nor can the order be “Fulfilled by Amazon” if it’s from a Marketplace vendor.

“Yeah? Well … you’re not my mom!”
“Actually, Captain, I think you’ll find that my holographic
projection is modelled on the woman who gave birth to you.”

So far, I haven’t taken the plunge with series two of Poltergeist: The Legacy, but at least I have my mass-produced region two “complete series one” box of it to watch if I get the urge. I’ll wait and see how the Time Trax one turns out first, because I really have been waiting for it to be released on DVD for nearly a decade now. Next year, it’s 20 years since Time Trax was first broadcast, and yet, it doesn’t seem that long ago that SELMA would greet Darien with a chirpy “good morning, Captain Lambert!”

Ohhhh I can’t wait!

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