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Toby in Strike Back!

Just saw a trailer for the final two parts of Strike Back, and I’m happy to announce Toby Stephens was in it! In a suit with short hair, grim expression and American accent.

With regards to the episode, it seems it’s the Americans trying to get rid of people this time… If it’s not the Iraqis or the Zimbabwis, it’s the Americans, eh?

Still, it’ll be nice to see Toby back on screen. Talented actor and handsome fellow that he is, although he looks a bit tired on the pic on the left (from an interview in the London Evening Standard, 23 March 2010). Maybe his little kiddies keep him awake at night?

In the interview, he says,

“On TV a lot of stuff isn’t well written. You spend a lot of time trying to polish a turd. Whereas in theatre you usually don’t have to expend all that energy selling the thing, because the writing is superior.”

I wonder what he thinks of Strike Back. Does he consider that turd-polishing too, perhaps? Still, as long as you get paid, who cares, right? 😉 (Besides, the Mythbusters proved that you can, in fact, polish turds. So there you have it.)

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4 thoughts on “Toby in Strike Back!

  1. Ahhhh Toby. My favorite auburnet.

    I’ll never forget watching him in the Camomile Lawn as a teenager. That whole programme was a formative life experience.

    He’s got even better looking with age btw. But I prefer him with auburn hair to the dark hair they gave him in Jane Eyre. Auburn hair is so much rarer on TV, and accordingly more precious.

  2. @phylly3: It was an interesting episode, to say the least! 😉 (Shame it wasn’t really bad, because it would’ve been fun to say “it was a shit episode”! Har. Har. Har.)

    @SDaedalus: I agree! Then again, I tend to say most actors look better with age… *cough* The hubby’s auburn so I can’t help but love Toby’s natural colouring! 🙂

  3. I can agree with Toby as for TV and stage scripts and , I suspect, he thinks that of SB too. Anyhow, as he is a very talented actor, I’m sure he did his best – as Richard did – so we won’t notice how many shallow, trivial, vulgar stuff he will be saying. I noticed a certain poverty of language to be honest, especially in pay-TV or commercial TV programmes, here in Italay too in the latest years. Thinking of Britain, just compares Spooks scripts to SB. But, anyway, I don’t mind watching this new series. It has its strength just in his brilliant cast. Thanks for posting.
    P.S. By the way, did you get my latest messages?

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