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Toby Stephens in new miniseries – on Sunday!

So I caught the final second or two of a trailer on BBC yesterday (just before the final episode of the fantabulous Sherlock) – another three-part mini-series, called Vexed. Starring Toby Stephens! Basically, I saw the very end of a trailer which featured Toby Stephens, and had me excitedly pointing at the telly exclaiming “Toby Stephens! Yay!”

Know very little of what it’s actually about, but hey, who cares? Toby Stephens! 😀 To quote the Guardian:

A three-part comedy drama about a pair of cops (Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch) with a lot of chemistry between them, as well as issues at home. Written by Howard Overman, who penned the hit show Misfits for E4. BBC2, August

Plz Mr. Stephens, be our chemistry teacher?

Or, yay again, the Beeb themselves have a few more words to say:

Three crimes, two detectives, one continuing argument… Vexed is a fast-paced, glossy comedy drama, about a detective duo with real chemistry.

Bright, sexy and funny, Vexed is written by Howard Overman and features Kate (Lucy Punch) and Jack (Toby Stephens) juggling work with personal lives as complicated as the cases they investigate. They may be cops, but Jack and Kate suffer the same frustrations, pre-occupations and insecurities as the rest of us.

Always on the move or in their unofficial office – the local cafe opposite the police station where the coffee and gossip are better – their cases say something about modern life in a fresh and entertaining way.

Vexed on IMDb

By the way, on the 20th, FX will start showing season four of Dexter. Another yay!

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3 thoughts on “Toby Stephens in new miniseries – on Sunday!

  1. Спасибо! Он не был показан по телевидению но так вы не найдете его. 🙁

    (Woohoo! Google Translate is awesome!)

  2. Okay, it might not have translated properly. I meant to say that it has not been shown on TV so you will not be able to find it yet. 🙂

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