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Warehouse 13

These days, I’m a little bit cautious when it comes to new TV shows, just because I know I have a tendency to go a little overboard with them if I happen to like them. I was trying to not get sucked in by Stargate: Atlantis, but it was a good show, with some very attractive casting. There have been a number of new shows out that I’ve sampled, and the only one I’m currently setting reminders for to watch is Warehouse 13. Last year, or if it was earlier this year, Fringe started showing on Sky1. Fringe was hailed as a new X-Files, and being about an FBI agent looking into the paranormal… well, you have my attention! The problem with Fringe is that it’s sort of trying to be X-Files without actually being X-Files, so it’s a bit disappointing. Not a bad show, it’s just that… it’s not Mulder and Scully. Series 2 starts off with Luke Goss as a guest star, however… so I’ll give it another chance. (Oh yeah, there’ll be a post aaaaall about that guy soon enough! Patience, young Skywalker.)

The Sci-Fi Channel advertised a new show, along the lines of Fringe, which made warning bells sound. Would it be a let-down as well? Actually, no, it’s not. And it’s pretty darn good! It’s interesting, it’s funny, it’s quirky… and not too cheesy either. It’s not so much The X-Files, as a mix of that with Indiana Jones, Relic Hunter and possibly even a sprinkling of Poltergeist: The Legacy and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, with heady top notes of steampunk. Basically, a recipe for something pretty awesome.

Warehouse 13 is a warehouse in South (?) Dakota, where unexplained artefacts are stored. Assigned to it are two Secret Service agents, Bering and Lattimer, who are reluctant about their new job to begin with, but soon take it into their strides. To their aid, they have Artie, who is the guy who looks after the warehouse.

The Bering/Lattimer dynamic is great. They’re a good balance to each other, with Lattimer being a bit of an intuitive guy and Bering being a bit of a bossy skeptic. Artie is the voice of experience – he’s older and has been in the business, so to speak, a lot longer. And I just read a spoiler about the series ending on Wikipedia. >:/I normally don’t mind spoilers, but I get cranky if they reveal stuff I don’t agree with. And that one I didn’t, dangit.


In part four, the gang join forces with a girl called Claudia, and I love the dynamic between her and Artie. When I say love, I do mean in a sort of “omg, if someone doesn’t do fanfic where those two get together, I’m really going to have to get writing, because OMG!!” And I don’t even write fanfic! (I don’t. Not anymore. And never a lot anyway. And nothing like that! So shush now.) I don’t read fanfic either, but goodness me, it’d be awesome. Now, I am a sucker for age gap romances anyway, but they’re just hot together! Oi, get out of the gutter, I don’t mean I want to see a steamy sex scene between them, just… being relationshippy. Like “lookit dat, we’re all in love with each other, squee!” I’m all up for that!

If they had had a sort of father-daughter style relationship going on, that’d be different, but they haven’t – at least not as of episode 6 – they have a more flirty thing going on, and it warms my shipping little heart. For that matter, I can see Bering and Latimer going the same way as Mulder and Scully eventually did, although perhaps without the whole cancer and sperm donation and alien hybrid baby thing. (When put like that, maybe that show did go on for a couple more seasons than it should have… *cough*)

I’m looking forward to the next half of series one and will be eagerly awaiting the next one. And unlike Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies… hopefully we’ll get to see more than two seasons. They were quirky too, and now they’re cancelled. Gosh darnit. (I know how to swear properly. I’m just trying not to!)

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