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Weird Crush of the Year 2009

I was trying to find out the list of “Weird Crush of the Year” on the Heat magazine website, but didn’t find it. According to the Top Gear website, the Stig is #3 this year. Last year, it was won by Jeremy Clarkson (#9 this year), 2007 by James May (#6) and 2006 by Richard Hammond (#4). Can’t really argue with the Stig being a stranger choice of a crush than the other Top Gear boys, all things considered…

I couldn’t find the list on the Heat website itself, but I did manage to track down the top 10 eventually somewhere else, so here goes:

10. Christopher Dean, ice skater and one half of Torville & Dean
9. Jeremy Clarkson, famous petrol head and TV presenter of Top Gear
8. Russell Howard, stand-up comedian
7. Michael McIntyre, also a stand-up comedian
6. James May, geeky TV-presenter and Top Gear‘s “Captain Slow”
5. Simon Cowell, of music business fame and famous for being mean on shows like The X Factor, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent
4. Richard Hammond, the “Hamster”, TV presenter of shows such as Top Gear and Brainiac: Science Abuse
3. The Stig, the tame racing driver from Top Gear whose real identity is unknown
2. David Mitchell, actor and comedian
1. Derren Brown, illusionist and professional sceptic

My comments on the top 10:

Dean – whatever. Clarkson – not my personal choice, but I get it. Howard – why is he in the top 10? It’s not weird to have a crush on a good-looking and hilarious young comedian who admits to being a Harry Potter fan! It’s perfectly natural, thank you. (He’s great – went to see him live in June and have tickets for his next show in a couple of weeks!) McIntyre – wouldn’t class him as weird either, as he’s not exactly bad looking and he’s very funny as well, even though he can be a bit over-bearing. May – I love James May, end of story. Cowell – like with Clarkson, I can understand the appeal, even if he’s not my cuppa tea personally. Hammond – again, what’s weird about him? The Stig – definitely tops the weirdness! Maybe he’s alluring because we never get to see his face? As Russell Howard allegedly put it: “it’s strange that a ‘man’ would be voted so highly when you’d only be looking at the reflection of your own face.” Isn’t it just? Mitchell – he has great eyes, and I do love a man with a sense of humour! So why would it be weird to fancy him? Maybe because he thinks Thai food “is a bit samey”? (Magicians is a good film!) Brown – meh.

Other positions mentioned:
12. Barack Obama, el presidente of the USA (oh there’s a surprise…)
13. Gordon Ramsay, foul-mouthed celebrity chef (hah, if he wasn’t so full of himself)
14. Sean Connery, actor (he’s still got it!)
16. Phillip Schofield, TV presenter (silver fox, rowr)
20. James Martin, celebrity chef (he can make me a Lancashire hotpot any day!)
21. Jake Wood, soap actor (if it’s supposed to be weird, shouldn’t he be higher on the list? *cough*)
22. Russell Tovey, actor (naww)

TV/radio personality and actor Russell Brand is also mentioned (his vocabulary can put most people to shame), but without a number reference.

Shame I don’t have the whole list, it would’ve been interesting to see a) how long it is, b) who else is on it, c) if Richard Armitage is on it. Then again, having a crush on him isn’t weird by any stretch of the imagination, it makes perfect sense. In fact, I dare you to read some interviews with and comments to fans from him and not fall head over heels in love with him!

Yes, I suppose I could go out and buy a copy of Heat magazine, but that would be against my principles. *cough*

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