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What if Richard Armitage was gay?

What if Richard Armitage was gay instead of straight? What would you do?

No, I mean that sincerely.

Would it change anything?

Would you be disappointed?

After all, if he was gay, he wouldn’t be interested in you, regardless of how far-fetched the fantasy of meeting him in person is or isn’t, but odds are he wouldn’t give you the time of day regardless, as he once said he would never date a fan.

Would you enjoy his works less? Or, would you perhaps like him even more? There are plenty of women who love to hang out with gay men, and hanging out with Richard Armitage – regardless of his sexuality – I can think of a whole host of worse things, for sure.

The question of Richard Armitage’s sexuality has popped up before, many times, and I’m not going to provide a definitive answer to it, simply because the only one who can give a definite answer it is the man himself, and he ain’t here. I’m not exactly hiding him in a closet or anything. Pun intented.

What would be the arguments for “oh he’s gay, alright!” then? Well, it could be argued that the man was seen with a man going to some awards ceremony (his agent, actually), he’s been in a musical (musical artists being gay could be said by some many to be a truth universally acknowledged), he’s rarely seen with a woman and when he is, they’re likely to just be friends rather than lovers (the whole Annabel Capper discussion, which I think says more about the fans than it does Armitage & Capper). He also knows about style and is artistic and has an iPhone and he’s sensitive and nice and all that.

None of which, of course, have anything to do with a person’s sexuality. See, if you take that “evidence” into consideration, you’re really just clutching at straws, and why that is, I’m not sure I want to know. Spite, perhaps?

Is there really any evidence of him being either gay or straight? He’s been together with plenty of women on screen, but the man’s a seriously good actor. Why do we all just assume he’s straight? I mean, it’s a bit heteronormative, isn’t it? What if he swings both ways, eh? He probably is a heterosexual, judging from what he’s said in interviews, but what if it turned out that he isn’t? Would it make a difference to you as a fan of the man and his work?

If yes, may I ask why?

What’s it to do with you? What’s it to do with any of us? Why should we be bothered one way or the other? Whatever he chooses to do in his bedroom is nothing no do with us! Woman, man, it’s his bedroom and therefore none of our business. It’s his personal life, and it should be kept private. How would you like it if a bunch of strangers on the internet started speculating about your sex life just because they could?

Maybe, if Richard Armitage was gay, he would be another case of “all the best ones are either taken or gay“, although at the moment … he doesn’t appear to be taken. Not like bachelorhood means anything except for “not currently in a relationship”. Some people simply don’t want to be in relationships, which most of the rest of the world fails to comprehend and think is weird.

So, what do I think? Personally? It would certainly spoil the fantasy a bit if he was gay, I suppose. It’s still none of my business what he does off-screen, though. If he wants to be in a relationship and finds someone (woman OR man) who loves him unconditionally, I’ll be delighted for him, because he deserves to be happy. I’d still enjoy his acting, still swoon over his good looks and fantastic voice, and be happy that there’s at least one man out there who sets a good example for other men, because by golly, we can do with more of those!

There are plenty of gay actors out there, so if he was, he’d just be another one of many. Somewhere out there, there might be a very lucky lad instead of a very lucky lass who will one day capture the man’s heart. And as long as Richard Armitage is happy, whatever he chooses to do with his life, I think we should be happy for him, because fans should be supportive – not bitch about his private life.

The song below puts it so well:

The way I see it, it’s okay to be gay, regardless of who you are, whether famous or Ordinary Joe. It’s not for me to judge what you do in your spare time. “An it harm none, do as ye will.”

And no, I don’t actually think Richard Armitage is a homosexual. To convince me, he would have to make a public statement where he came out – and if he never does, as far as I’m concerned, he’s straight. Not that it matters to me personally in any way, shape or form, because I don’t know the man in person. Then again, he hit on Keira Knightley thinking she was Natalie Portman when doing that Star Wars film (of which Star Wars fans do not speak), and the scenes with Alona in Between the Sheets were very convincing. Or any woman in any production that calls for romance or sex. So, for what it’s worth, sorry lads; I’m afraid he’s still ours. πŸ˜›

EDIT 10/11 December 2012: I’ve closed the commenting section for this post and decided to hide the existing comments. For now, at least. This was not a decision taken lightly, as I think debate is good and healthy – and, naturally, I like people commenting on my blog posts. However, in recent weeks, the comments started to get out of hand in more ways than one. I don’t mind people disagreeing, but there’s no need for personal attacks. I have other things I want to be doing over Christmas than filter out nasty comments that would be sure to bring down any sort of holiday cheer.

There is also the impending release of The Hobbit to consider, and what that is going to mean for RA’s career. He’s bound to be catapulted into stardom, which is fantastic. I don’t wish to be a part of potentially harming his prospects (where fans are concerned, more than anything – I’m not delusional enough to think one of my blog posts could impact his chances of getting hired in the slightest!), however miniscule my blog is in the grand scheme of things, but I do know how much link love this post has received from Google over the years.

I’ve also updated the wording of the post slightly, as my reasons for writing it in the first place was not to speculate about his sexuality, but to say his sexuality has got nothing to do with anyone but himself. His sexuality, like that of most popular actors, has been a so-called-fan favourite to discuss, and it probably won’t go away, as it hasn’t gone away for other actors. Richard Armitage could get married (to a woman :P) and have a handful of kids, and there would still be spiteful people out there saying he’s just putting it on for the sake of convention and that really, he’s gay even if he doesn’t know it yet. Either way you look at it, the poor man can’t win, and I think that’s awful. For shame, internet! πŸ™

I might un-hide the comments in a few months or so, when things have calmed down a bit, and who knows, I might even open it for commenting again. But not right now. Right now, we should be focusing on a) enjoying RA as Thorin in The Hobbit, b) celebrating the upcoming holiday season, and c) be awesome to one another, which I dare say is what RA would want us to do instead of speculating about his sex life. Happy Holidays!



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123 thoughts on “What if Richard Armitage was gay?

  1. I really don’t care if he is gay or taken! I didn’t know he has an Iphone – that is not a hint to be gay by the way.

  2. I have to say, you are brave and I admire you for it.

    Very difficult question.One thing is thinking it might be so, and another is knowing it’s so. Do I think he’s gay? No, I don’t believe so, but I also don’t really know him.

    To be entirely truthful I think for me it would definitely change the “romantic fantasy” of RA that lurks somewhere in my heart. (I’m talking pure fictional fantasy here,not any RL romantic liaison!)

    But what certainly wouldn’t change is the admiration for the man for his considerable talent and for the lovely person he is. It wouldn’t change my enjoyment of watching his work. It wouldn’t change the attachment to the great characters he’s created and will create. He would still be the intelligent, funny, and hard working man whose work I respect and support.

    The man has a right to privacy and I hate when actors, or anyone in the public eye, are asked “the question” about their sexuality. It’s up to the individual, whatever they feel comfortable with saying or not saying.


  3. This is a very hot topic. I would appreciate the point of judiang on her blog “Confessions of a watcher”, due to the excellent psycological analysis of Gisborne she is offering this week!!

    My opinion: gay or not changes everything, because we all project our ideal of male in RA and his characters. In case he is not interested in women, this spoils the game completely!

  4. o_O OMG! What a topic.
    That will be unfair. Dudes have all the best: Ricky Martin (we have only Enrique…who likes Enrigue?..If I’m asking Ricky or Enrique – answer is almost always Ricky), John Barrowman, Neil Patrick Harris, Alan Cumming, Sir Ian, Chad Allen, Rock Hudson, T.R. Knight, Rupert Everett, Matt Bomer etc. They have all the best! What we have: murders (Bertrand Cantat), boxers (Chris Brown), rapists (too many of them).
    We have right to have one normal dude…well…a little to workaholic…but straight.
    But that will not change my opinion about him as person and an actor. I like John Barrowman very much and I think that Scott his partner is very lucky man. πŸ™‚

  5. I have to say that, for me, it would make absolutely no difference. Yes, my chances would drop from zip to nil (but we are talking a .00000000000000001% chance anyway). I however would wish him to be happy in his life and comfortable in his own skin. I would still think he was an amazing actor, who was both skilled and drop dead gorgeous. I would not stop fantasizing about him or his many characters and he would still make me melt.

    I’m exceptionaly open minded when it comes to sexuality. That probably comes from the fact that my brother is gay, and I love him dearly. He is the best of men and I daily wish away all the problems that being gay in a straight society brings. I accept my brother for who he is as I would accept anyone for who they are.

    Though I’ve been told this is a strange comment, I believe that two men loving each other, is romantic. It’s truly the last forbidden love. The Romeo and Juliet of our time. Two people who love each other so much that they would defy family and society to be together. In my opinion, that is romantic and beautiful.

    So, we will probably never know for sure when it comes to Richard, but I would support him no less and I would wish him all the happiness in the world, either way.

    1. Agree entirely he’s a great actor seems a sensitive really nice person he deserves happiness same as anyone else. It is no one’s business and as long as he’s not hurting himself or others I wish him the best. Be kind to each other and try not to judge. Angela C

  6. @Anon: About the iPhone – well, that it isn’t is kind of the point. πŸ˜‰ Could’ve said a Mac instead, because Macs are quite designery and designery things go hand in hand with homosexuality, a lot of people would say, but I don’t know if he has a computer. He does have an iPhone, though, so that had to do as an example!

    Musa: I was a bit nervous posting it, but got some words of encouragement and decided to go ahead. (Not scared of arguing online probably helps!) I agree with you on every point. Very well said! πŸ™‚

    LadyCassia: Here here! πŸ™‚ I don’t think it would be too much of an issue what he does in real life, because the character on screen isn’t him. On the other hand, when I saw Peter O’Brien in Queer As Folk, that was incredibly weird! I knew him as Sam Patterson in The Flying Doctors and there he was, snogging a MAN! Very strange.

    Jonia: Hey, we also have a lot of brilliant men who aren’t criminals or boxers! The vast majority of men are decent blokes, just like RA, and would be offended at a comment like “every man is a potential rapist” because they would never do such a thing to a woman. On the dude side: John Barrowman and Alistair Appleton … rowr. They are disturbingly hot! Especially Appleton! *fans herself*

    Darkangel66a: A beautiful and very wise comment. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚ There are lots of females who are quite obsessed by the thought of two men together. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I can’t help pair people up on screen either. Peter and Caspian in the second Narnia film. Just get a room already!! πŸ˜‰

  7. You are brave but i don’t even wanna go there. He is very smart and i belive that knows what is best for his actor carrier. In the end i beg you forgive me my english.

  8. Sometimes I wish he was married with children because this doubt is kind of disturbing, don’t you think? It’s how I feel about it, at least.

    And I say that because I can’t deny that, if he was gay, it would spoil the fantasy a bit, like you said.

    Naturally, his sexuality is none of our business and, even if he was gay, it certainly wouldn’t change my admiration for the brilliant actor and for the lovely person he is. But it would kind of break my heart… *laughs*

    P.S.: I must ask you to forgive my eventual ESL (English as a Second Language) errors. I’m a Brazilian woman trying to communicate with others RA fans around the world. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been following the comments of some of the Gay actors who have “come out”. There is a feeling still that discrimination exists in the acting field whereby a gay actor will not be cast in a romantic lead. Several actors have been fighting this belief and have tried to encourage others to come out – Ian McKellen is one of them; Stephen Fry is another and John Barrowman of course. JB has had some romantic leads and these actors dispute that their careers have been affected by coming out. I still suspect that huge discrimination exists however and I think it is a courageous move for them to tell the public they are gay.

    As a person who is enthusiastic about gay rights along with a number of other equal opportunities issues, it would not make one jot of difference to me pesonally if Richard Armitage was gay or heterosexual. My only concern would be what impact it might have on his casting if he was in fact gay. Ian McKellen and company might say their careers took off when they came out, but I don’t recall Ian ever being a romantic lead. (Happy to be corrected).

    Sorry for the long answer! In answer to your question: No, it would not make any difference to my enjoyment of his acting skills. I would respect him in any form of longterm monogamous relationship. I would respect him less if he flitted in and out of marriages/relationships like some of the Hollywood stars do. I actually prefer not to know too much of anything πŸ™‚

  10. Nah my opinion won’t change at all. In fact, nothing of what I think about him, his work etc would change. I guess my feelings about this have a lot to do with my “theatre kid”ness where quite a portion of the male theatre population is homosexual and you reach a point where you pretty much just don’t pay attention to such things anymore. I know we still faint and thud about very openly gay theatre performers like Gavin Creel and Wes Taylor much the same as we would RA. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t really harm anybody, then it’s all fine.

  11. Rupert Everett, Richard Chamberlain and Colin Firth (not gay) have said that gay actors have a much harder time getting roles. Sir Ian didn’t come out before he was 47, past the age of leading men parts. This still seems to be the reality that actors meet out there.

    Personally, I hope Richard has found, or will find love. It is an essential part of being fulfilled as a person.

  12. Whilst I fully appreciate your right of free speech to post this I find it very uncomfortable reading. I ask myself if there was proof somewhere would I click the link and the answer is probably yes.

    Would I care – no. Do I have the right to know – no. I’m therefore rather torn. And that’s why I feel uncomfortable about this post.

    Fundamentally I guess I can’t see the point to it. It’s just conjecture.

    It’s perhaps human nature to want to know but we have to realise that it’s all just fantasy, none of us knows Richard. I’m not one of those to stick the bloke on a pedestal and think his farts must smell of roses but he does have a right to sleep with whom he wishes without us, the tabloid press, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all speculating on it. Same goes for anyone in the public eye – unless it’s deemed in the public interest. Not sure Richard’s bedroom shenanigans constitute a topic in the national interest. But hey you never know.

  13. I think it is a great and sensible post on a touchy subject. It is not gossipy and not making any assumptions about RA’s orientation, there is no “proof” behind those links, they have nothing to do with him. Discussions about this topic are often either forbidden or invaded by trolls, but I do think it is in the human nature to wonder, it is not a crime to ask. What I object to is spreading unfounded rumours and presenting personal theories as facts and I don’t see this happening here.

    For me I don’t think it would make a difference, it certainly doesn’t with regards to other actors/musicians/whatever. But I have to confess that I would prefer to know and be done with it. I’m too much of a sceptic by nature not to consider the possibility as long as there is no hard evidence either way except his own words. But then, considering the possibility is not at all the same as considering it very likely.

  14. If, I repeat, if RA would be gay wouldn’t have changed my adoration. Although I’d feel deceived, not by RA but by myself. Because it’s my fault, what and how I think about RA.
    Besides I think he has the right to do everything to be happy.

  15. This is a hot topic and it has many layers.

    For now, suffice it to say that I hope he is not gay. The fact is, that would be knowledge of him that breaks the boundaries into personal intimacy; the knowledge would colour my relation to his characters, especially considering the fact that he lives in leading man territory. Acceptance of gayness does not mean that I would be able to set aside what I know about him from the character anymore than I could set aside knowing that Mel Gibson is a violent misogynist. It matters, because the thoughts do intrude. In the end, biology trumps all. It’s a fact. Not to mention, it would mean that when he talked about wanting to be married, it would be an utter lie. If he didn’t mean it in the normal way then he should have zipped it.

    The gay label is placed on people way too often these days because some people think it’s an edgy thing. It just makes them amazingly naive, IMO, and dumbs down genuine discourse.

  16. Several years ago polish popular male singer said that he want to be married with his girlfriend. Lots of photos and confetti….This year I learn that his girlfriend is hot and have mustache.

  17. Yes, it does happen and it wouldn’t if part of the audience still wouldn’t feel it makes a difference even if it shouldn’t. However, it is impossible to tell from a certain behaviour if it “means” something or not. Some are publicly dating/marrying women and are in fact gay, some just feel more comfortable with keeping their personal lives under wraps without having anything to hide that could harm their career.

  18. My feelings are that RA has a right to his privacy and that it is none of our business whether he is gay or not, but I also understand people’s curiosity about it.

    I totally agree with hedgeypig’s comments above. I’m sure that I too would click on a link if it told us for sure whether or not he is gay, because it would end all this speculation about him.

    I wonder what his family, friends and loved ones think each time this subject repeatedly comes up. But then they are probably to only ones that know one way or another.

    This subject also makes me extremely uncomfortable. However, I know that if RA is gay, it would be the fact that he had not been truthful that would devastate me, and maybe others, the most.

    He has said in numerous interviews that he wants to get married and have children. Is this what he really wants or is just saying this because he thinks it’s what we want to hear?

    It would be the fact that he had purposedly been deceitful that I would find very difficult to accept.

    Nevertheless, I want him to be successful and happy in his personal and professional life, whatever that means for him.

  19. I can see hedgeypig’s point of view and know why many fans feel uncomfortable with this topic, although it doesn’t make me uncomfortable personally.

    Do we feel unloyal to Richard, like we’re gossiping behind his back?

    Having said that…
    When it comes to Richard’s sexuality, I’d still enjoy RA’s work and swoon over him either way. I’m in love with my husband… RA is just my fantasy crush, so his personal life isn’t part of my reality. Although I’m curious by nature, I acknowledge it really isn’t any of our business.

  20. This is a brave and interesting thread and our reactions to it are perhaps the most interesting of all.

    We’ll probably never know what is going on with him and I like it that way. I do know, however, that I would be more disturbed to find out that he was straight and sleeping with everything that moved, than to find out he was gay or bi. However as the thread is pure conjecture if he was…
    Would it change what I thought of him as an actor? -NO. In fact as he is one of the most effortlessly masculine presences onscreen, it would make me think more of him.
    Would it change what I think of him as a person, i.e. the getting married, having kids comments? – NO. I have a gay friend who would love to be married and have kids (admittedly with a man!) also perhaps his publicist told him it was about time to mention marriage to play to the sappy females amongst us.
    Would it change my attitude towards him as a fantasy figure in my life? – NO, my fantasies are just that, fantasies! I can separate reality from my rich dreams. And perhaps it would add an extra dimension… he he!

    So perhaps, we need to look at the reason why he couldn’t come out if he were that way inclined. Casting directors would have trouble casting him in the same types of roles. Leading men can be gay as long as they are ‘character’ leading men – not handsome leading men. And let’s not forget John Barrowman became really famous while playing a guy who fancies everyone and anything as long as it was breathing so for him to come out wasn’t a stretch. Also action actors cannot be seen to be gay (even though there are bound to be some that are). Even in today’s enlightened society it would be career suicide to come out. Importantly, he has a vast female fan following which would be perhaps put off if they found out he were gay…so maybe we are part of the problem.

    If he is, the only thing I think would be sad is that he couldn’t enjoy the openness that comes with a relationship which you can show to the world. There must a great many partners who can never go along to Oscars etc.

  21. Sigh, I wrote a long reply and Blogger ate it. In short Traxy, I commend you for this post. I may try to reconstruct the reply but bedtime calls.

  22. I would be interested in more sensible voices on the subject. Usually, when it comes up on places like IMDb it is a mess and in general very negative, people have their theories they are convinced of, but also often saying it would be a major put-off.

    re the lie/deception aspect of it: it would be about a bit more than the remark about wanting to get married and generally hinting that he fancies women. A few years ago he has been more specific about past and current girlfriends though he never gave names. I’m inclined to believe it was true what he said and that this discussion is hypothetical.

    But I couldn’t bring myself to get worked up about it should he have lied. When a celeb comes out, I don’t recall that they are accused of lying/deceiving the public. I consider it a white lie, a necessity to protect one’s career and privacy. The problem is the world outside that cannot accept it. I remember when Ricky Martin came out, some people joked that now they want their money back for the records they bought, which is obviously nonsense as they sound as they did before.

  23. I feel where there is smoke there is fire and there are a lot of references to his being gay out here in the blog sphere. A lot of things about him just suddenly came together for me a few months ago and I am utterly convinced he is gay amd is concealing it for the sake of his career. I have no
    Prejudice against gays and am very close friends with some. I have even had bad crushes in a couple of them but to no avail. Folks can’t control their sexual preferences and that’s the way it is but RA is no longer my fantasy and I won’t be going to see him on the big screen. I don’t visit the fan blogs anymore which is kinda sad since he has some very talented fans who show so much creativity in their homages to him. Outing ruined Rupert Everett’s career and will do the same to RAs I expect but at the same time I do admire his honesty, which I can’t really say about RA anymore.

  24. If you go by “when there is smoke there is fire”, everyone would be gay. You can look at any random actor’s IMDB page and find gay chatter and people that claim to know something. It is nonsense. I’m not sure to which references you refer but as far as I’m aware there is absolutely nothing from a reliable source that points in the direction. You can be convinced of it if you like but it makes no sense to be convinced of something you cannot know, may that be gay or straight. That’s what I admire about Traxy and other bloggers, making clear that we don’t know anything for sure. People are wondering as so little info is available and that is fine but it is not the same as jumping onto conclusions.

    As to Rupert Everett, as far as I’m aware he has always been out and did have a career, though perhaps not the career he could have had otherwise. He has not only been out but wrote a pretty scandalous autobiography and has a reputation of being awful to work with and recently had cosmetic surgery that went wrong. So I would say other things ruined his career. John Barrowman also always has been out and is very successful, as are some other young and handsome actor that are out even if there isn’t much talk about it.

  25. joanna: Nothing to apologise about, your English is fine. πŸ™‚

    Jonia: I know! That’s 90% the reason to watch Escape to the Country! (Yeah, I’d say a whole 10% because I like the sort of houses they find and where they are – wish I had a house like that too!)

    PoliCBA: I agree with you – it would spoil the fun a bit, but at the same time … he’s still the same guy underneath. And your English is fine too! πŸ™‚

    mulubinba: Wise words. I can’t think of those men being cast as romantic leads either. Still, it hasn’t stopped JB or Neil Patrick Harris really (when seeing him as Dr. Horrible, I didn’t even know he was gay, but it was a small production so maybe that doesn’t “count” as such?). Still … RA without being a romantic lead? Perish the thought!!!

    myownmania: “if it doesn’t really harm anybody, then it’s all fine” – indeed, words to live by!

    MillyMe: I think you can still be fulfilled as a person without having a long-term partner, but having one sure make dreary days a bit brighter! πŸ™‚ I too hope he’ll find someone some day and settle down and … yeah, perhaps even start a family.

    hedgeypig: “If you don’t like it, don’t read it”. πŸ˜‰ Joking aside, you make some good points. None of the links in the post are actually RA-related anyway and the purpose of the post is merely to question the attitudes of us fans with regards to RA and his sexuality rather than RA’s sexuality itself. I’m curious as to why we feel the need to discuss the matter at all. After all, he’s not sleeping with any of us, so what difference does it make? I’ve never seen a blog post where someone else questions my sexuality, but on the other hand, I’m not a celebrity so I really can’t see why anyone would even come up with the idea. πŸ˜‰ And also, why is this sort of subject you’d get thrown out of certain forums for even bringing up? We’re fans, we want to talk about the object of our affections, that’s just a part of human nature. Why are we so preoccupied with whom a stranger might or might not invite into their bedroom? Beggars belief really, doesn’t it?

  26. Jane: Thank you. No, gossip mongering really wasn’t my intention. Playing with people’s curiosity and stuff, yes. πŸ™‚ It’s natural to be curious and sometimes if a celebrity is ambiguous it’s more “damaging” to them (certainly if they feel they’re living a lie) than if they were to just come out and be done with it. Sportsmen can have tremendous issues if they come out, but an actor? Probably just met with a collective shrug from the world in general. The people who’d be most upset if RA came out would probably be … us. And to live your life a lie just to please fans is not exactly ideal. To protect a career, okay, perhaps. On the other hand, there’s no actual evidence of him swinging this way or the other, as far as I know. He could be very choosy or simply not have time for a partner. Maybe he’s really romantic and wants to find “The One” and maybe that person hasn’t been found yet (I do hope he finds that person some day, though). Part of the issue is, I think, that if a guy is genuinely nice and respectful to women and sensitive and artsy, he’s likely to be passed off as – you guessed it – gay. WHY IS THIS?! What’s the matter with simply being a GENTLEMAN these days?

    Ania: Well said, I very much agree. πŸ™‚

    pi: I think you’re absolutely right. Who can look at Mel Gibson in a film these days without the slightest bit of disdain for his conduct off-screen? Who is going to watch Two and a Half Men or Hot Shots! without thinking “hey, there’s that crackpot Charlie Sheen!”? Not to mention how difficult it is to set aside Tom Cruise’s personal beliefs watching … anything. So what a person does in real life does impact how we percieve them on screen. Saying that RA wanted to get married and have kids some day, if he meant “to a bloke and adopting” … yeah, I’d probably feel a bit cheated. Even though it’s got nothing to do with me in the slightest – I’ve already got a husband that I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world! So how we respond to things as fans is an interesting topic.

    joanna: *laughs* Too funny!

    Jane: It would be so sad if that was the case for RA. It doesn’t seem fair to have to live your life under wraps and hide away your true self just because of your career. That’s no life. :/

    Anon: More wise words. πŸ™‚ Yes, if there was a link to a reputable source saying he’s gay, I’d click it just to end speculation, and because I just couldn’t NOT click it – it’s a story about my favourite actor, of course I want to read it. The deceit, yes, that would hurt, but at the same time, I have to ask myself “but how has he deceived you? Were you dating him?” because in a way, surely it would only be a proper deceit if he had done it to me personally. If someone’s involved as a partner or friend or family, that’s one thing, but as a fan who is definitely never going to go out with him and probably never even MEET him … how could he have deceived any of us? We’ve made assumptions about him based on a heterosexual norm of society, but that’s about it. Tricky subject.

    Nat: Yeah, I don’t feel uncomfortable about the subject either – we’re talking by a person in the public eye, and as such, all manner of different topics come up that we’d never even consider if it was someone at work or a neighbour or something. (Would you ever discuss whether or not your boss has chest hair in 18+ pages on an internet forum or dedicate numerous forum threads about the shape of your neighbour’s nose? It would be funny, but I seriously doubt it!) RA is a fantasy crush for most of us, and life would just go on tomorrow regardless of the gender of the person he might take to bed. πŸ™‚

  27. Anon: Yup, lots of interesting comments have been made. It’s a great read, if a bit hard to try and respond to everyone! πŸ™‚ I agree, if he was a slut (for want of a better term) or a serial monogamist to girls half his age would probably bother me more as well, to be honest. It’s funny with John Barrowman, really. He auditioned for the part of Will in Will & Grace and was turned down because they thought he felt “too straight” (JB? Straight? In what alternate universe?) and instead, they gave the part to … a straight guy. o.O

    judiang: I hate when that happens. πŸ™ Although sometimes, when it returns something about comment being too long, if you go back, it has actually posted it anyway, but perhaps not this time. Oh well. (Funnily enough, WordPress did a similar thing with one of my comments on YOUR blog a while back! Blogging karma? Gasp!) Thank you nonetheless! As they say, it’s the thought that counts! πŸ™‚

    Jane: Agreed. With Ricky Martin, my reaction was “didn’t he come out years ago?” because I’m sure a (gay) friend of mine in senior high used to say RM was gay. Or maybe he was just experiencing some wishful thinking. πŸ˜‰

    judithj1: Would you care to elaborate? I don’t think I’ve seen a single blog stating he’s gay, and I’m actually really curious to know more about what the “lot of things about him” that “just suddenly came together” for you are. I’m not questioning you or your convictions in any way, I’m just curious to know what happened and what made you convinced of RA being gay. For me, the idea has been mentioned before but I didn’t actually consider it one way or the other. When listening to all the interview MP3s available for download I could find on one of the fansites, there was one which had my gaydar go off. Can’t remember which one or what it was about, but suddenly the thought crept up on me, tapped me on the shoulder and harrumphed. It didn’t convince me, it just made me think “OMG, what if?” so I’m curious to know how your conviction came about. What did he say/do? Especially since your opinions of him have obviously changed as a result of this.

    Jane (again! :)): This is very true. Especially if you’re of the opinion that we’re all bisexual anyway, even if we may never actually act on it or even know we are. πŸ™‚ I can’t say “RA is gay!” on my blog because … well, if I’m not convinced it’s true, I’d be lying and I tend to be (bluntly) honest about things. Then there would be the point of if it was stated as a fact and it’s proven not to be true and RA takes offense, he could have a team of lawyers track me down and sue me for slander. While it would be awesome to hear from RA’s “people”, I’m not keen on those people being lawyers, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ But mainly, I don’t want to jump to conclusions and state it for a fact when there’s no hard evidence whatsoever. If he came out in a newspaper or on TV or something, sure, I’d be writing up a post about it this instant, but he hasn’t. I’m not even sure I like to speculate about it, which is why the post itself is kind of non-committal and just “well he might be, he might not be, it’s nowt to do with us and as long as he’s happy then we’re cool”. πŸ™‚

  28. He has said in an interview that he wants a “wife” and kids, as well as getting married. If he was gay then surely he is not being truthful? And it would be more than a little white lie to me.

    I think that he should tell the press that the subject of his personal life is private to him and not up for discussion.

    If he were dating girls half his age or we were seeing pictures of him with a different girl every week this would bother me too.

    He’s extremely good at being private. We hardly ever see him in the press unless he’s attending an awards ceremony or being interviewed for his next project. This maybe fans the flames of curiosity about him

    All these things aside, he has many wonderful qualities that I admire about him.

    And there is no getting away from the fact that he’s extremely easy on the eyes and can act the socks off most other actors out there with his hands tied behind his back.

    He’s definitely hard working and I look forward to seeing which roles he chooses in the future.

    I’m sure that I would still be watching him portray whichever characters he chooses in the future, whether or not he is gay, but I’m sure that the fantasy balloon would be well and truly burst for me.

  29. When RA used to send his fans messages a few years ago, I recall that he used to use quotes from other famous people as maybe a way for us to live.

    These are just a few of the lines from these that stick out in my mind about being truthful.

    “This is what should be done by one who is skilled in goodness.. let them be able and upright.. straightforward.. let them not do the slightest thing that the wise would later reprove.. to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart..”

    Interesting words when connected to the comments on this thread.

  30. If we believe that he himself believes in that there is no reason to doubt that what he said about himself was truthful, even if he won’t ring the press (or announce it on twitter as one apparently does these days) as soon as he has started dating someone new.

  31. Very well girls, it’s almost one week and discussion goes on and on on this subject….Of course RA can do what we want in his private life, we has to do his choices, we wish him the best career possible, we respect whatever sexual preferences, BUT the most of all hope he is not gay down deep inside our hearts. We cannot deny this.

  32. Great question! Personally I’d be THRILLED to learn he’s gay. Then I could stop fantasizing and get back to my real life. πŸ™‚ BTW I respectfully disagree with the person who said where there’s smoke there’s fire. The media is full of rumors–that’s how they make a living.

    This is my first time on your site–thanks for hosting. πŸ™‚

  33. Here’s why I definitely don’t believe he’s gay. If you watch the interviews, it seems like if it’s a woman interviewer, he’s much more charming. Has anyone else noticed this? For example, in the Hobbit press conference, the look he gives the woman questioner is very different from the one he gives the male questioner. The vibe I get is shy straight man. I’m guessing he’ll lose that when international stardom comes (as I know it will). Maybe I should be saving these old interviews.

  34. @ DayGlow I have noticed. I alvays think…run Rich, run away. NOW.AT THIS tIME!!. Don’t you suspect that these are his thoughts too?;):):),

  35. Hey, you could be right!! Maybe that look is half heterosexual charm, half trying to look calm and getting ready to run if she gets out of control. :):) With men he looks more relaxed. Just saw the interview in Hungary about RH series 2, it was really great.

  36. RA has always set my Gaydar humming right from the first and I’m not at all sure why. So while I don’t care one way or another if he is or isn’t, I would not be a bit surprised if he came out sometime in the future. On the other hand, if he gets married and produces a dozen children, I wouldn’t be too surprised either.

    I’ve never “dreamed” about him in the sense that I’ve panted over other actors, because I’m older than he is by enough years as to dampen my ardor a tad. But I have seen him in many things and definitely find him fabulous. I wouldn’t be crushed to find him batting for the other team the way a single thirty-something fan might.

    Mostly I just want him happy and successful, as I wish for anyone and as I know every other RA fan does.

  37. I just stumbled across this post – I was a little surprised that you went there, but it’s an interesting discussion. I’d be lying if I said the question hadn’t crossed my mind.

    While I wouldn’t be terribly shocked by such a revelation, that’s not exactly the vibe I get from him. I’m assuming here that in his early interviews, before he learned to “perform” in that setting, we are seeing his most natural public self. If that’s the case, then he reminds me strongly of a lot of engineers I know (and believe me, I know quite a few) – intelligent, methodical, introverted, and rather dull. It makes me wonder if his terrible secret is that he’s a boring workoholic who doesn’t have much of a love life.

  38. “It makes me wonder if his terrible secret is that he’s a boring workoholic who doesn’t have much of a love life.”

    Weeeeeell … That he’s a workoholic isn’t exactly a secret. He’s already out of the stationary cupboard on that one! πŸ˜‰

    Whether or not he’s an introvert is a question I’ve been pondering over the past week. Might make a post about it at some point. πŸ™‚

  39. You do realise Traxy that this post will get more hits than any other on your blog because of this topic!

    For me the issue would be the consistent lying.

  40. It will forever be be your most hit post as lots of people google RA gay that, along with RA girlfriend. And I’m afraid that this post exists and will come up via google will in the eyes of some add to the impression that “when there is smoke there is fire”.

  41. Currently shows up as #7 on Google.co.uk if searching for “richard armitage gay”. I’d be more worried about Gay Spy from Digital Spy (3 & 5) and Yahoo! Answers (6), to be honest, as I’d class them as more authoritative sources. (Top spot, btw, is a post made by Nat in September ’09. :))

  42. Hi Traxy

    I love your blog. I am curious as to why you think Digital Spy and Yahoo Answers would be more authorative sources on this issue. Having checked out both it all seems more of faceless people on the internet who probably don’t know anymore than we do.

  43. Just wanted to say that I support you writing on this topic, even if I feel unable to comment on it substantively or speculate (as that is all it would be) publicly. Great post, and I appreciate the “sensible voice,” as it’s something a lot of people wonder about.

    As far as the blogging goes, anything to do with Mr. Armitage’s relationships will end up as the top post on a blog. The top post on mine is the first thing I wrote about Annabel Capper. There must be a huge number of people googling about him in general anyway. For instance, there’s a woman who writes about the frugal lifestyle who jokes occasionally about being Armitage’s girlfriend and those are the most popular posts on her blog, as well.

  44. @June: I was thinking about number of users, which lends credibility (although I wouldn’t trust Yahoo! Answers as far as I could throw it). Digital Spy is one of the biggest entertainment sites in the UK.

    @servetus: Agreed! It could be argued that posts like that are a good way of generating visitors, although that was not the intention behind writing the post. Just wrote it as I thought it fitted in with my F2 theme. πŸ™‚

  45. 50 comments, wow Traxy, nothing like a controversial topic to bring out strong emotions. Brilliant post, as always from you:)

    First of all, I am asexual myself, so I do not hold any sexual prejudices in my heart for gayism.

    Second of all, my only fantasy with RA is with Guy of Gisborne, well maybe Lucas from time to time, and as long as those roles are straight, I can fantasize. It seems movies roles are the only thing that sways me from my asexuality.

    I would still love RA’s acting. I might not fantasize as much about him.

    What if he is bi? Wonder how his fans would react then?

  46. I agree with Jane that curiosity about RA’s sexuality might mess with popular searches and create smoke where there’s no fire. Maybe it’s best NOT to search this topic on the internet?

    I really believe he’s straight, despite the musical theater, etc. (I think Anonymous is onto something with the workaholic nerd theory.)

    On the other hand *hops self-consciously onto soapbox*, I don’t think badly of gay performers who are dishonest about it. Discrimination is real and making a living as an entertainer is tough. People have a right to do the work they love, and if that means lying about your personal life, I’m OK wih it. (My daughter is a musician and an out lesbian. That’s the best choice for her, but she pays a price for it professionally.)

  47. He’s gay and I can’t fantasize over him anymore so he has lost me. Plus he isn’t very emotionally generous to his fans, he always acted like the fans were a bother on the RA Army site. I think the most telling thing is the way he kisses his leading ladies. Pretty insipid! Look at Jason Isaacs for example, it doesn’t matter if he is kissing a male or a female, he is so into it and them. Many actors play gays and do it very credibly. I would find it interesting to see RA do a role like that!

  48. @Judith: If he is or isn’t doesn’t really matter, you could still have fantasies, as they’re never going to come to any sort of fruition anyway. πŸ˜‰

    In what way do you mean that he’s not “emotionally generous” to his fans? From what I’ve read from and about him, I would have to disagree.

  49. Checked this thread for the hell of it and it’s STILL going!
    Judith, please share how you came to be convinced of his sexuality. I am seriously curious.

  50. Very interesting thread. I have no idea about Richard’s sexuality but I do work in musical theatre and can assure you there are as many straight guys working as there are gay ones. Every time I start a new show or have a cast change we have the same conversation as to who is and who isn’t, it shouldn’t really matter in this day and age but we still do it.

    Without being stereotypical, you’d have thought that ballet boys would have all been gay but the vast majority of them are straight and married with kids and some of the stories from tours they do would make you blush for a month! Some of the gay guys I work with could pass for straight any day, anywhere (there’s one who has the men, and women, lusting after him – if you didn’t know you’d never guess just by looking at him or by his way of acting or speaking. Also, some of the straight boys will ‘camp’ it up sometimes or be quite flamboyant, it doesn’t mean anything.

    It sometimes seems that there is a different set of rules when you work in the theatre, that ‘anything goes’ but it’s probably just the same as anywhere else. Gay performers are more open about it in the theatre world but I think once they are on tv/film, producers and big-time investors have quite a large say in things and it’s all played down. It shouldn’t make a difference but if a studio has a handsome leading man they need him to be straight (whether he is or not) it all comes down to revenue and returns. It seems that straight actors can play gay characters but openly gay actors can’t play straight ones!

    My apologies for wandering ‘off topic’ but I just wanted to explain a bit about theatre life to people who might have preconceived ideas about it’s performers.

    PS Without meaning to be rude JudithJ comes across as a little bit bitter!

  51. I came late to this conversation but I would point out that RA was a little more forthcoming before that infamous article concerning the school trip and the tent which caused him such excruciating embarrassment and for which the journalist involved was rightfully censured. Since then he has said absolutely nothing except, “I don’t put it about. I never have.” He has also indicated that he has had several live-in relationships, the last of which, (and about which he was very hopeful), has lately ended. Never once did he “kiss and tell” and a gentleman never divulges names. His comment is clearly true, especially as his behaviour, both personally and professionally, has always been utterly impeccable and has earned him the warm, even affectionate, regard of the ladies with whom he has worked. No smell of scandal or reprobate behaviour of any kind has ever accrued to his name excepting, with reference to this matter, by veiled remarks and snide hints by those who wish him ill.

    Being so quiet and private and unfailingly charming, It’s hard to imagine how he ever earned the relentless loathing of one person in particular who has pursued him from afar and used to post on forums and discussions devoted to him or to the shows in which he played a significant part. She caused a considerable furore some time ago on BBC America’s “Robin Hood” forum and has posted at great length on others where her vicious comments, which took much time to prepare, earned outrage. A conversation such as this is grist to her mill and to like-minded others as, if she could destroy or diminish his career, she most certainly would. Beware, then, of all comments that state categorically that he is gay unless he, himself, says so! You don’t know from whence they came nor what prompted the poster’s motivation. It’s only human nature to speculate and this discussion is a fair one but when it is stated categorically that something is true but the remark is unsubstantiated and the insinuations are merely that; insinuations – but growing ever stronger if the poster senses uncertainty, then I respectfully suggest you ignore them completely. The Net is rife with such rumours and practically every public personality is subject to them. Some sites are notorious for propagating them. Not everyone who posts on RA’s many forums is well disposed toward him, although it serves a purpose to be seen to be so.

    He has always struck me as being a shy, creative and somewhat introverted man who lives in his head and for whom books and music hold a powerful attraction. I suspect the comment concerning engineers could very well describe him.

  52. chintzy: The comment about musical theatre was a joke. Of course you don’t have to be a homosexual to work in that environment! πŸ™‚

    Holly: AMEN to that! *applauds*

  53. Thanks, Holly. There are most certainly a few people out there that wish to harm RA’s personal and professional reputation respectively are obsessed with idea that he is gay. One has to keep that in mind when reading posts and wondering if there is something to it. And lets not forget, some people, gay men and straight women, want there favourite actors gay because the thought turns them on. Nothing wrong with that as long as it is confined to slash fiction but sometimes fiction and reality get muddled up. Some of those fans (of another actor) apparently did go so far to plant online evidence by pretending to be the actor in question and posting on gay dating sites or something like that.

  54. This post still seems to be going so I’ll add my two cents.

    I have rather a broad experience of gay men, being that I probably saw more of them when I was growing up then I did straight men. My gaydar is second to none and I have never gotten a gay vibe from RA. Of course you usually notice these vibes most when they’re not acting and RA doesn’t have a lot of on screen interviews under his belt so I could be wrong but right now, that’s my vibe.

    How would I feel if RA did come out as gay?

    First let me say that if he is, I really hope someone doesn’t out him, that’s just cruel. While homosexuality is becoming more acceptable, it still isn’t considered “normal” and it should be every persons choice if the wider world knows or not. Seriously, it’s not just acting where it can affect your work, studies have shown that if you have anything that can be seen as “gay” on your CV you are less likely to be asked back to an interview. We live in a cruel world and while some people really want to know every single detail of their idol’s lives, we should never forget that in our quest for information.

    Now, as to how I would feel about it. Absolutely fantastic! And no, it’s not because I like slash fic or find the idea of two men together hot.

    The reason I would feel so great about it is because straight men scare me. Really. I’m always terrified that they’ll get the wrong impression, that they’ll see my banter as a come on or just won’t get my bawdy and teasing humour. With a gay man though, that pressure isn’t there. I don’t care what impression I’m giving them because the possibility of having sex has been removed. I feel free to be myself around them, to flirt with them and even if I like them, to tease them mercilessly! I don’t take myself seriously and my family often tease each other. With a straight man that I liked though, I’d be worried that my teasing would offend his manhood and send him running for the hills!

    And think about it, the chances of RA and I ever having a relationship are less than my chances of winning the national lottery but, if I ever were lucky to meet him and he was in fact gay, well we might (just might) become friends.

    And no, my enormous crush wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve had a crush on so many gay men over the years! They just seem to get women in a way that most men don’t (probably ‘cos they’re in the same boat as us in having to deal with dating men). But with a gay man (despite the films trying to tell you otherwise on occasion) you know that’s all it will ever be, a crush.

  55. I read a post that some put up that said it was an “open secret” on the set of Spooks about RA’s sexual orientation towards men. After that all the oddness about his lifestyle choices, secretiveness, and lack of history of any kind of relationships suddenly made sense. Don’t get me wrong, i still fantasize over G of G and will l always love N & S but RA’s a very odd duck now on the wrong side of fourty. I prefer actors who are more comfortable in their own skins and I don’t think he ever can be because being gay is a deal killer for macho men and romantic actors.

    1. Judith is this in your nature to be a kill-joy? I don’t particularly like gay people, it’s unnatural and contraversial but I don’t go about destroying a person’s character because they are different to us or what their prefences are.I love RA,I’m angry if he is gay and I hope he isn’t,but look inside the man Judith and you will find a shy articulate caring human being.he’s comfortable in his own skin because he’s a versatile actor and a good one at that.You need to find your own solace within yourself Judith before you can actually accept that the human race and all it’s imperfections will never change, perhaps then you might find a little humilty in your heart to exonerate your arrogance and pessimism towards gay people and our ever adoring Mr Richard Armitage.if he is indeed different to you and me.7 June 2012@10:20am.NZ time.

    2. WTF did I just read!

      “I don’t particularly like gay people”
      “it’s unnatural and contraversial”
      “I’m angry if he is gay”

      Maria, sweetie, you have a long way to go before you “accept that the human race and all it’s imperfections” and I don’t think that “a little humility” would do you too wrong either!

      Do some reading, homosexuality is not wrong and it’s only controversial because bigots make it so. Do you know that animals are gay too (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animals_displaying_homosexual_behavior) Are they unnatural and sinful? Do you dislike them? Do they make you angry too?

      At least Judith is honest about her prejudice. You just think that you’re above everyone else because you have learned to live with your hate. If you really were as enlightened as you seem to think you are, you wouldn’t hate in the first place.

      The Bilerico project is a great resources for finding out the truth about homosexuality. http://www.bilerico.com/ Not that I expect you to be the slightest bit interested in the truth.

      And FYI, if your prejudice stems from the bible, which mostly it does, then I surely hope that you also hate tattoos, shellfish, poly-cotton blends, pork, bats, hares, disables people, injured people and planting mixed crops.

      Menstruating women are unclean AND SINFUL, as is anything or anyone that they touch while on a period, as is anyone who even touches anything that they have touched! Just lie all alone in a darkened room until your period is over, unless you want to spread the sin around. You then need to sacrifice two turtles or two pigeons to god to atone for having been unclean.

      Also, as well as gay people, children who curse their parents, people who work on the Sabbath, blasphemers and adulterers must be all be killed. There is no room for debate on this. Kill them all.

      Can you see how absurd the book is (Leviticus) which you have based this belief on is?

      Jesus Christ never mentions or condemns homosexuality. If you are Christian, he would be thoroughly ashamed of your hatred and your hypocrisy.

      “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians, your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

  56. Finding out that RA is gay has made me throw out all of his DVDS that I had of him, including North and South, that was a sad day for me and
    my friends who had admired him. He is a good actor, in the wrong way.
    He should be honest about his being a homosexual! Very Sad Day Now!

  57. Way to over-react there, especially since there is no evidence of his sexual preferences, only a lot of speculation. So because of the mere possibility of him not being a heterosexual male has made you no longer enjoy the productions he’s in? Seriously?

  58. very true: the main reason for our attraction to him IS his talent and seemingly warm personality – romantic fantasies are just that – FANTASIES so even if he was an elephant; i’d still be wanting to share memories with him

  59. ideal male in all of his characters??? i enjoyed watching all that i’ve seen of his roles (because of his charasmatic talent) but i don’t believe all of his characters portrayed an ideal male.

  60. hmmm? on the aspect of being gay: i don’t think that analogy is fair. being gay is NOT a flaw in character (maybe i misunderstood?)

  61. She’s either a troll or a bigot. Either way, she’s best left alone with her poisonous opinions.

  62. Thank you for your wonderful, heartfelt comment, Cat. I can see where you’re coming from, even though for me, it was different. Growing up, I always had an easier time talking to boys than to girls. Maybe because the guys in general didn’t really care, but with girls, I could never truly feel relaxed, because there was always that feeling of being measured and compared.

    Anyway, I completely agree that if he is, I hope he’s the one that comes out, and that no one does it for him. Like you say, that’s cruel. It’s his story to tell, not anyone else’s.

  63. I’m sorry, did I miss something? None of us know if Richard is gay or straight. And he is not obligated to reveal this part of his life to us just because we are fans.

    I met him in person once and since his sexual preferences were not revealed to me and I have no gaydar unless it is patently obvious I have no idea. I did however find him absolutely gorgeous, very warm and friendly.

    So I will continue to buy his DVDs, go to his movies, watch him on the TV and fantasize about him (BTW I think I would still fantasize about him even if I knew he was gay). If others can’t handle it, well that’s their loss.

  64. you know, it’s such a strange feeling – of course it doesn’t matter at all for me whether he’s gay or not, but if yes i feel such a pity for all the mankind. πŸ™‚
    last time i felt this way when i realized Rupert Everett is gay.

  65. i think that it is sad that some of us here have the right to make a snap judgement of richard. He does not owe us an explanation as to why he has not married yet and had children. Maybe he just wanted to give himself a chance, because actors are by nature selfish people and they have to sacrifice spouses, children etc for their careers. that is why so many actors are divorced. i for one don’t know whether he is gay or not and I don’t care if he is. He makes my day just that must brighter and for that I thank him.

  66. Richard Armitage actually said in an interview that he would like to settle down with a WIFE and family. Plus, in the past he mentioned a live-in girlfriend that he had. So uh yeah, not gay. Honestly, just because the guy doesn’t like to splash his personal life all over the tabloids and isn’t constantly dating someone or sleeping with every woman he meets doesn’t mean he’s gay. It just means he’s a conservative guy who is cautious about entering relationships, something that he has actually said in interviews. Seriously guys, do your research.

  67. Just because we love his looks and his brilliant talent doesn’t give us the right to know everything he chooses to keep private. It’s none of our business. I think he deserves respect as a person. In our fantasies we can make him into anything we want. I wish peace and happiness for him however he chooses to find it.

  68. Of course its his personal life.

    But given that the primary way I interact with RA is by imagining him as different people with his face and his voice etc, it would be definitely hard for me to get over that. Much like having a man play a woman’s role. No matter how beautifully they are made up, once you’ve been informed a man is playing the role, it gets into your head. Logically I may say I shouldn’t react, but on an emotional level, I would!

    So I suppose, if he was gay, I’d rather prefer not to know πŸ˜›

  69. No, it wouldn’t bother me. Coming out can still be detromental to a career so who knows. People around him know the truth and that’s what’s important. I have been in relationships with all sorts of people including LGBT and always hated that some people are SO worried about picking a team to play for. I haven’t yet! I play the field but do not make declarations of one or another and have been VERY happy. But, out of the blue, a druggy goth pre-teen girl asked me recently point blank in front of her & my family if I was gay and it really rocked my very core… after so many years doing what I felt was ‘me’ all these years in public (including PDA’s) and suddenly I was the seemingly embarasses bloke of my teens. Really weird. I hadn’t felt scared in 23 and all the sudden something bites back after two decades.

    Sooo.. between turning off clusters of drooΒ£ing paying fan$, ruining career, and rocking our foundations’ very existance, I can see why some people are just living their life and not advertising things like religion & sexual Preferences. Funny how people generally don’t make the same drama for straight people.

    1. There was a funny incident in a sitcom recently, where the teenage son came out as straight in front of his family. Admittedly, it was a diversion tactic, but it was amusing, nonetheless.

      But yeah, I agree with your comment.

  70. What gave me strong suspicions that he may be gay is an article written by Charlie Condue in the Guardian available here http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jan/29/gay-actors-worry-coming-out , where he outs a fellow gay actor he had briefly dated in the past for saying in a radio interview that he has a live in girlfriend and wants kids with her. Charlie wrote in the article that this actor had felt mortified for having lied in the interview. Charlie and RA acted together a few years before this in The Impressionists and it just so happened that a couple of days before reading the article I had read/heard an interview with RA where he talks about a live-in girlfriend and wanting kids with her.

    This of course could be a coincidence and Charlie could very well be referring to someone else but there are just too many ticks esp considering that it is very unusual for a hot, happening, intelligent guy who mixes with so many likewise hot happening people to be single over 40 no matter how workaholic he is (there are too many women out there who are willing to put up with much worst for much less of a partner).

    Naturally this fact did burst the RA fantasy bubble for me but I still appreciate him as a good and good looking actor and look forward to watching his work in the future and I hope that if in fact he is gay and he does choose to come out, that he continues to get opportunities to act in the kind of roles he wants.

    1. Oh sorry, I read your second comment first, so I didn’t spot the bit where you said you had read/heard an interview with RA shortly before you read Condou’s post.

      Well, they’re of similar ages, and worked on The Impressionists together, as you say, so I can definitely see where you’re coming from.

      For me, there was something he said in a radio interview, but I don’t remember if it was WHAT he said or HOW he said it (or both), but that was the only time I’ve really had that “OMG, he’s gay” vibe.

      To be fair, though, if he really is, that just makes him all the more of an amazing actor! Any time he’s involved with a woman on screen it’s very, very convincing! πŸ™‚ Unlike, say, Sam Neill trying to be gay in Little Fish – he just looks REALLY uncomfortable having to kiss Hugo Weaving, bless.

    2. I finally found the RA article I referred to where he talks about that live-in girlfriend and kids http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/articles/WomansOwn20081104.html

      But then again, reading it now, I can’t imagine he would go into so much detail in constructing a fake facade. I hope I’m wrong because lying is a bigger turnoff for me than anything.

      And you’re right, he is very convincing as a (heterosexual) lover. The funny thing is, the first thing I remember thinking about him, and that was way before I payed any proper attention to him, was that he looks like he would be very good in bed. Something about the way he moves.

      And here’s another ‘you know you’re an RA fan when you…’ thought: You know you’re a fan when you have a very strong suspicion he’s gay and you STILL manage to work that into your fantasies πŸ™‚

    3. Haha, I’ll add it to the list!

      Yeah, it seems a bit much if it’s just a facade. If so, he could’ve just left it at “I have a girlfriend” and be done with it. Then again, if a man is in a stable relationship with another man, there’s nothing to say he couldn’t still think of children. After all, Sean Maher and his partner are proud parents.

      But then he does seem to know how to charm the ladies … goshdarnit, Dickie! Yer doin’ me ‘ead in!

  71. Something I forgot to mention above is that in the article I refer to, which was published in Jan 2012, Charlie Condue mentions the fact that this fellow gay actor is now starring in a big Hollywood production. This is the paragraph in the article that rang the bells for me:

    “I’ve witnessed it first hand. Years ago I had a brief relationship with an actor who told me he’d never actually lied about his sexuality, more that he just avoided talking about it. Later on I heard him on the radio discussing a fictional girlfriend and how one day he’d like to have children with her. It was painful, and he was mortified after. But now he’s in Hollywood working on a huge film. Personally, I doubt whether being frank about who he really was would have changed that.” From the Guardian, an article by Charlie Condue

    1. From what I recall, RA never said he wanted to have kids with the live-in girlfriend from way back (that he then later said to have split up with, because of him being away a lot), only that he has mentioned wanting kids one day.

      It could be argued that he wasn’t “in Hollywood” working on “a huge film” back when the interview with Condue was made, but in New Zealand, working on huge filmS, as it was said very early on that The Hobbit would be two films … and now, of course, a trilogy.

    2. I’m pretty sure RA never talked on the radio about a girlfriend, as far as I am aware he never talked about anything personal in radio interviews at all, though he did talk about a live-in girlfriend in print interviews (and at that time I thought he wouldn’t make that up, as she would be someone people in his social circle would certainly know and so they would know if he had lied about that).

      This guy could have mixed that up if it was several years ago, but then I imagine hearing his (former) boyfriend talking about a fake girlfriend on the radio would have been a rather poignant moment for him and he would remember that correctly?

      But I keep it in mind, as this is definetely someone RA knows and there are not that many actors that are now working in “Hollywood”, which could or could not have been used as a synonym for big international production even if strictly speaking RA hasn’t worked in Hollywood yet.

    3. Is Hobbit a Hollywood movie? New Zealanders are producers, cast is UK and NZ, it premiered outside US and within US it was New York for the premiere. They did not even bother to go to LA, so I doubt it even though I do know that Warner Bros is responsbile for distribution and funding (partly). RA was in NZ and in Hollywood when the article was published.

      Also, I believe RA never said anything on the radio about wanting kids with gf (if he did, please correct me), and Condou wrote specifically that he heard it on the radio.

      I admit this article also made me think and check stuff. I took the pain to go over RA threads in DataLounge a forum which generates plenty of gay RA rumours and there’s nothing substantiated there. I checked some data and there is another actor who fits better.
      I am inclined to think that RA isn’t that actor.

    4. I left an important word out. It should read: ‘ RA was in NZ and NOT in Hollywood when the article was published. Sorry.

  72. RA hasn’t avoided talking about his sexuality, from his first interviews on he has said he likes women and dates women. It is only that he never revealed the identity of any partner. Of course he could have lied, but this is another bit that only fits Mr. Condou’s account at first glance.

  73. BTW I came across an article that states that Mr. Condou has been with his current partner for eight years. Doesn’t make a fling with RA during filming of the Impressionists impossible, but somewhat less likely.

  74. I don’t care if he’s gay, lots of actors I admire and follow are openly gay; for me the real issue is the consistent lying. He must be very proud of himself, of how easily he has deceived the journalists (especially the one of the β€œinfamous” interview) and us fans, for all these years. (I hope that Holly – a previous poster – is one of his PR people or a relative/friend and not a loyal fan, otherwise I really feel for her)
    The funny thing is that what I liked the most about RA was his β€œpersonality”. I thought he was an unique, decent and honest man. How stupid I was. (I think his sex appeal crushed my common sense, LOL). It took me a lot of time to realize that what he shows to us it’s just an accurately constructed image his PR have built for him or, as someone else brilliantly wrote, β€œafter all the person Mister Armitage presents to us as himself is a character as well” (sorry if I don’t credit her but I can’t remember where I read it).
    No need for the RA protection squad to intervene: he is cynical enough to have a good laugh at ingenuous people like me, and hypocrite enough to send more messages where he claims how much he respects/appreciates his fans/friends. Or maybe where he urges us β€œto write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart..” (- as another brilliant poster has previously noted β€œ interesting words when connected on the comments of this thread”.)
    That’s life.

  75. To Anonymous. I assume you have evidence to prove your allegations. I await your response in anticip—–pation.

  76. I am surprised the rumor about Richard and Lee Pace hasn’t been addressed here yet? I haven’t found any evidence anywhere other than gossip on gay sites. Richard doesn’t really ping for me, but I fear with more publicity, there will be more rumors. Pace is definitely gay, but I know loads of gay men who have straight friends, so it may not matter. It’s just unfortunate that this gossip is happening right as he’s about to make a name for himself in the states. Both fine actors, mind you.

    1. Lee Pace is gay? Aww. πŸ™

      …Nope, doesn’t change a thing. He’s still mighty fine, both looks-wise and as an actor.

    2. Pace has had at least one public male partner, though to my knowledge, he hasn’t addressed his sexuality to the media? He does a lot of theater in New York though, where being gay is clearly embraced differently than in the film industry. However, his past isn’t nearly as private as Richard’s, where it’s really all speculation, isn’t it?

      I do feel Richard’s interviews are pretty genuine and quite specific. He’s probably completely oblivious to this pocket of the internet deconstructing his sexuality. Or if he isn’t, he doesn’t care enough to make a statement or do anything about it, which tells me that he has been telling the truth and this isn’t a PR stunt. There could have been so many more opportunities for him to lie, beard with women, etc. as he is always asked about his personal life in interviews. I was actually quite surprised at his honesty just recently going back and reading some. He is a man working in a creative industry after all, where sexuality is quite the continuum, but knowing many, many gay men, what we know of Richard does not fit the closeted profile in my eyes. Workaholic? Yes. Secretly gay? No. Bisexual? Possibly.

    3. The “rumour” about RA and LP comes from a tweet by someone who knows someone who saw them together in a cinema in Wellington. Anything else is to my knowledge the product of some people’s imagination. RA was also seen in the cinema in Budapest with Jonas Armstrong. I believe he and his cast mates probably watch movies pretty frequently as they have a professional interest in them. I don’t think we can conclude from that that they are best buddies or a couple. They may well be, but RA may just as well be friends or in a relationship with any other person he has ever met.

    4. I did see that tweet and didn’t think anything of it until I heard it spiraled into crazy gay gossip. Guys go to movies together all of the time, especially films like, “Prometheus.” Heck, when I saw it, I was the only girl going with 3 other guys – all straight, mind you. πŸ˜‰

      I think it must be incredibly hard for Richard to meet new people since he would be at a constant disadvantage of people knowing him before he knows them. I can totally see why celebrities end up dating other celebrities. I honestly think that if he had any other career, he’d likely be settled down with a family, but that’s not the case. However, I feel like some of his fans (perhaps not those commenting here, of course) want him to be single and seen as attainable, and that’s dangerous parasocial behavior.

    5. Well, the rumour comes from DataLounge – a total c..p forum generating gay rumours. It stems from the fact that RA and Lee Pace (and other Hobbit casts, which they graciously leave out), went to see the Prometheus premiere in Wellington. If that should be the ground for stating that the two are an item then excuse me, this is bull. People away for a long time from their homes, in a foreign entourage, without friends, working together socialize together, as well. Nothing special about it.

      Someone on that forum went then on to say that while shooting in Detroit RA made private visits to New York to meet Lee Pace. What they failed to mention was that RA had photo shoots and intervies in New York. This is what this gossip is about.

      Neither do I know anything about Lee Pace’s gayness being confirmed.

  77. I would like to draw your attention to a very recent interview with RA in a Spanish publication called Accion Cine which you will find the english translation on richardarmitage.net. I would ask you to look on the biography part called marital status. It may answer your questions.

  78. I first discovered RA back several years ago when I first saw N&S. I did check the guy on the internet then, I remember it was quiet. A couple of months ago I saw N&S again and was bothered to check on RA yet once more just to find all sort of stuff going around.

    Some of you started following his career years ago and have witnessed his development. I have just started and I am going backwards to discover RA. Effectively, my main observations come from interviews he is doing now for the Hobbit.

    I see a man of dignity. I know, big word yet, I see dignity in what he says and in how he acts. Dignity does not embrace lying. Not telling – yes but not lying. That’s why I believe what he says.

    You may tell the world around is full of deception where scandal (whether real or staged), can be a PR stunt and actors, generally showbiz, are a peculiar lot but if you assume that everybody is lying, it will lead you straight to the psychiatric ward at the end of the day.

    Judith wrote that someone posted about an open secret on the Spooks set. I read it, too, but I also read it on another forum and this time it was about Strike Back set. Very similar words, phrases and sentence structure were used so I am pretty confident it was written by the same person. Ill-willed person.

    There are also some very agressive gays posting. According to them, RA moved to New York to live with Lee. There is no absurdity level those people would not cross to achieve….what exactly? Do they just enjoy harming better, more successful, more beatiful people? Or perhaps they have no life? Or are they simply mentally disturbed?

    I am wondering whether it’s not the point where his PR/legal team should take some action. Those posting c..p are not anonynous in the net and it seems there are some people determined to harm RA.

    1. He has been described by his colleagues as a person of integrity and honour etc.. Not the usual answer you expect to get, like “he is a great guy”. I feel, if they describe him in such a sincere sounding way, it probably means something. Now a gay man can absolutely be honourable and upright and be greatly respected by others, but would an honourable and upright person lie about an important aspect of their life?

  79. I am unsure one way or the other. (Hopefully I can distinguish between straight men and gay/closeted men before I marry! LOL!) Anyway, in his interview with Ann Curry (near 3:38), when he mentions “stony g*n*ds”, his facial expression/tone seems a tad bit questionable IMO. (Perhaps it was because he was talking to a woman?) Has anybody seen him with that expression/tone before?

  80. Am I hearing things? On the Innerspace interview, “a good drink, a good joke, and a good di___??! — meal.” Check out the facial expression, too. No clue what he was going to say before the word was switched to “meal”.

    1. …Well, apparently, moving the blog meant that it automatically opened the post for commenting again, so I guess.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I was shocked to get an answer back from you! How are you doing? I really like your board and from what I can see, the contributors were all respectful, but curious people. This was a really good conversation that I happened upon. You must know it is still listed on Bing when you search Richard Armitage gay. I know, I should not ask. I am sure many more people are interested in this since TH was released in December. I started searching due to all the rererences to RA and Lee Pace in the next Hobbit movie I am now seeing on the internet. I am a new RA fan (Nov 2012 thru North & South) I have become an admirer and like so many others have been wondering about his personal life. It is very interesting to see what long-time fans feelings are on RA. All of us agree he is an amazing talent and I think all wish him the best in his life. He was fabulous in the Hobbit too.

        1. Gosh, all these fangirls have tried to explain, forgive and justify RA’s sexual orientation up down and all around. WTF? Now that The Hobbit bombed big time, all one is left with is an aging mediocre actor who hasn’t been hot since his black leather plank of Sherwood role!

          From reading all the comments on my comments about RA’s sexuality let’s get something straight (ha), I have no prejudice against gays or good actors. I was howeve, taken back with RAs arrogance against his fan base back when he had one and I really dislike misleading people.
          Jeremy Renner is caught in the same trap as RA and even though he can act circles around R, he has gone so far as to have a child with a woman to try to prove his straightness! I no longer follow RA because he’s a poor actor and way too self deprecating and hes boooring!

          Jeremy on the other hand was amazing in the Hurt Locker and The Bourne Legacy even if he is a butter face and batting for the other team!
          I guess my remarks are trollish to middleaged single women who wish John Thornton would come into their lonely lives. First of all I say hold out for Darcy, he’s rich and decent and secondly, get a life instead of wasting time defending some mediocre actor who prefers xy anyhow!

          1. The Hobbit “bombed big time”? It has grossed over 1 BILLION dollars to date. That’s not a movie that’s bombed, that’s a movie that’s DA BOMB.

            But a very good attempt at trolling, well done.

  81. In an attempt to not respond to trolling, I will say that there are a few reasons why the Lee Pace/RA rumors keep circulating.

    I’ve been a member of Datalounge for a long time, which is how I ended up here. While the posters are anonymous, there are many who incite some really good, thoughtful conversations. There are several posts about Lee Pace that are rather convincing when it comes to his sexuality. Once he was cast in The Hobbit, he was grouped with Luke Evans and RA as closet cases. If you don’t know, LE came out years ago, and then recently stated he wasn’t gay after all. Other than the Condou article, there’s really nothing I’ve read on DL about RA that makes me believe he may be closeted, but a forum like DL doesn’t care. It’s all about who is hot and could be gay and neither LP nor RA are revelatory about their personal lives, so they continue to be easy bait. A lot of this on DL was discussed before the two were ever seen at a movie together, so naturally, that instance was all DL needed to keep the rumor going. I was not aware they were at the movie with other people though. Is that true?

    Then, of course, RA’s move to NYC didn’t help matters. I honestly think this was what kept the rumors going. RA wasn’t working in NYC, just doing interviews and photo shoots, which he clearly could have done in London, with one HUGE exception, he wants to be in America and not England. Do I think RA and LP are in a romantic relationship? Hell no. Do I think RA wants to make it in the American market but doesn’t want to make the move to L.A. in case he fails, and NYC is more diverse, trendy and a safer bet with theater to fall back on? Hell yes. Totally smart and well planned, in my opinion.

    From the interviews I have read/seen, RA just seems like a straight guy who prefers to plan his professional life over his personal one. Since that’s boring though, people will continue to speculate over his sexuality. Jeremy Renner’s story is quite different though; really no comparison.

    1. Didn’t he say in an interview that living in NYC was also partly down to it being a lot closer to home than LA? As in, it’s a lot easier for him to get back home to Blighty from NYC than it would be if he lived in LA. For that matter, I think it’s good that he’s in NYC rather than LA, because I think that will keep him more grounded than if he was to hang out in glitzy Hollywood all the time!

      1. That makes a lot of sense. From NYC to London is like what 6 hours? Not a big deal, much more comfortable than LA. Also, I heard RA mention that he likes NYC because of the theater options. It’s well known that the LA theater scene is pretty weak.

    2. The original tweet did not mention other people but who knows? And if – two colleagues that want to see the same movie don’t make a date, even if there is no chaperone. RA was also seen in the audience of LP’s play in NY a few months ago. In the audience, not in his company. If he was with other people is not known. Again, it only seems natural that he is interested in seeing his co-worker on stage when he as a chance. And at the recent concert in Wellington it clearly was a group of people from the Hobbit, including PJ and his daughter. None of this is uncommon, However, none of this contradicts the idea they could be an item either and for some people that is more than enough. And there is the possibility that he had personal reasons to choose NY as a base as well as professional.

  82. I’m late to this…party? Well anyway this seems like one of the most civil discussions I have seen of this topic online. I’m not exactly sure how I came to this topic but it always seems about an arm’s length away when reading about RA online. I have been a fan of RA for quite some time, but I have never been an “army member”. I haven’t spent a lot of time in the in depth forums, for example, or combed over info about his personal life. Because of that I have a number of questions I hope you guys can help me with:

    1. What is the BAFTA incident with the fans? I know RA took an agent to it or something and apparently this caused an ugly scene with the fans??

    2. The Spooks set open secret–where does that rumor come from?

    As for Condou, I don’t think he outted RA in that article–the timeline just doesn’t match up. For the timelines to match up, Condou would have to have been cheating on his boyfriend and RA would have to be lying.

    If it turned out that RA was a gay man, I would still enjoy his work. He is super intelligent and very respectful towards script/source material. If he turned out to be gay, the worst thing about it, I suppose, would be that he openly lied about his orientation on occasion. Lying is a terrible trait, and I personally don’t think RA is guilty of it. I think the best post here was from Holly.

  83. Yes, I’d still enjoy his work but I have to say that I don’t believe that there are enough of us out there to ensure that his career would continue as well for some of the type of work he has been doing. Whether we like it or not there are still enough people out there who would not want to see him doing romantic scenes if they knew he was gay. For me it wouldn’t matter and I would like to believe that is true for most of his fans but I have to wonder what might happen for certain movie roles. His talent is amazing and I’d like to think that we’d still find it so for the majority of the work he does. In another few years I believe he will be producing and directing and all of this won’t matter. If he is gay then he will be free to do as he wishes but in truth he is doing that right now whether he is or not because he is a very private man. I don’t think he is keeping himself private to hide anything. He is simply a man who believes in his privacy period and he has a right to that. I respect him for that and so should everyone else.

  84. I’m new to the RA world. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. I will say, with a few exceptions, that those posting are normal, everyday people having a discussion about their favorite actor. The comments are thoughtful, insightful and kind. I don’t know if he will ever read them, but I feel it would be uplifting to him to see all the positive and supportive words. There are many that truly wish him happiness, myself included.

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