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Who’s your ideal literary hero?

Stalking the TV channel Yesterday’s website in order to find out if/when they’re going to show The Glass Virgin. They always seem to be showing Catherine Cookson adaptations, after all. (Wondering why you should see it? Brendan Coyle à la 1995. “OMG” doesn’t quite cover it.)

Also, I see now that he played Michael Collins in a 2001 miniseries called Rebel Heart. Brendan Coyle with an Irish accent playing Michael Collins – this is almost too good to be true! And it is, sort of. The bloody thing isn’t available on DVD! HOW RUDE!! (You can get a used VHS from £25 but that’s a bit much.) Ohh, although it’s on YouTube. Hooray! That’s my evening sorted! 😀

Erm, anyway, before I digressed, I came across a test: Who’s your ideal literary hero? Can’t resist a challenge like that!

Here’s what mine said:

Your closest match is Richard Sharpe

Aren’t most men such pushovers? Well, you clearly think so – as your ideal man is rough, ready and up for adventure. You’re not out for perfection – you want someone unpredictable, sometimes arrogant, sometimes sweet, but always exciting. And that’s why you need Richard Sharpe, the swashbuckling Napoleonic hero dreamt up by Bernard Cornwell. He’ll shoot your ex, plonk you on his horse and ride off into the sunset – though he might not wash as often as you’d like.

Weeeell … Sharpe ain’t exactly an eyesore, and Richard’s a good name. 😉

(I’m going to sulk if one of the other options were Mr. Rochester, though. But I don’t know, it doesn’t say what the other options are!)

The test is here: Yesterday: Who’s your ideal literary hero? Let us know how you get on!

Traxy Thornfield

A Swedish introvert residing in Robin Hood Country (Nottingham, UK) with a husband and two cats. She's an eager participant in tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying, woodworking, photography and European travel, when there's not a plague on. Might get a novel out one of these days, if she doesn't get too distracted along the way.

13 thoughts on “Who’s your ideal literary hero?

  1. Well, you already know how I feel about Richard Sharpe. Excellent that you matched up with him. Despite my choosing the “man in uniform” option I also got the “thoughtful and charming” or some such Daniel Deronda. I retook the quiz several times and 2 other possibilities were Mr. Darcy (UGH) and Heathcliff (UGH UGH).

    I think you should design a similar quiz and have the possible heroes be: EFR, of course, Capt Wentworth, John Thornton, Nicholas Higgins, etc., that way everyone is a winner.

  2. Ahh. I expected Darcy and Heathcliff, so that makes sense. Have no idea about Deronda personally (yet).

    Thoughtful and charming sounds nice. Not sure if “unpredictable” is someone I’d be up for in real life. 😉

    A big quiz with lots of options would be great, but it would take some time to try to think of all the characters to add!

  3. I got Daniel Deronda! This is cracking me up because I haven’t watched the film in ages but my mom was just asking me about it yesterday — he may not have a uniform but at least he looks like Hugh Dancy. 🙂

  4. Got Daniel Deronda as well. At least he’s not Heathcliff… And well, he is rather sweet.Plus he looks (maybe) like Hugh Dancy.. What’s not to like!!

  5. I got Daniel Deronda. I hate Daniel Deronda. I’m going to this over and over until I get Sharpe or John Thornton… they must be in there somewhere.

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