World Cup kicks off – yawn

“Will you be following the World Cup this year, Miss Dashwood?”
“Indeed I will not, Mr. Ferrars. I find football most disagreeable.”

Any football fans out there? (Soccer fans if you’re American.)

I couldn’t give a stuff about the World Cup personally. Apparently, Sweden’s not even in it – nor did we make it to the Eurovision final, gasp! At present, England is at a standstill, because they’re playing the USA. So far, it’s 1-1 and it’s about 15 minutes to go.

It being the World Cup means “but now there’s nothing decent on telly for ages!” – or is there?

Actually, there is. The channels are exceedingly agreeable, as it happens! One channel’s showing Sense & Sensibility ’95, another one’s showing Pride & Prejudice ’95. Another one is showing Notting Hill. It’s chick flick heaven! And it’ll go on during the World Cup so that all of us who give a collective yawn at a bunch of blokes chasing a ball, we can watch some decent stuff instead.

Providing we have more than one telly.

Which we don’t.


And then there will be Wimbledon as well. Double trouble!

But I suppose, if the Squeeze fancies watching football, he can have the telly. I’ll sneak upstairs with my computer and a selection of DVDs. 🙂 If it’s a sports theme, there’s Fever Pitch with Colin Firth for the football and Wimbledon for the tennis. Wimbledon isn’t the best RomCom in the world, but it has Sam Neill in it. I choose him over sports any day!

(And by the time I get around to publish this post, the match has been over for hours and it finished at 1-1.)

P.S. Or you could always follow these suggestions on how to make sports interesting … 😉

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