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Xmas Giveaway, Day 4: Item 7

Item 7 in the Christmas Giveaway is a book as well as an almanac: Llewellyn’s 2006 Magical Almanac. Okay, so the almanac itself is out of date (although it will technically be semi-in-date again in 2012, heh), but the book itself isn’t – it has many articles in it (see below), and should be of interest to those interested in Magick, Paganism and folklore. ‘Tis, after all, Yule today!

Here’s what it says on the back:

Inform your magical practice and add variety to both seasonal and everyday rituals with the help of Llewellyn’s 2006 Magical Almanac.

Over the years, this little treasure of folklore, recipes, myths, and meditations has become a trusted companion to practitioners of various magical paths. The calendar section includes information on the Moon’s sign and phase, traditional Pagan holidays, and incense and colour correspondances that will maximize the energy of your workings. This year’s almanac features eighty insightful articles by you favorite authors, including:

  • The Magic of Synchronicity by Emely Flak
  • Celtic Sacred Animals by Sharynne NicMhacha
  • Transformative Serpent Energy by Linda Fourbister
  • Bone Magic by Lily Gardner
  • Mystical Spider Deities by Nancy Bennett
  • Cash Flow Magic by Diana Rajchel
  • Pashupati and Cernunnos by Neil Campbell
  • Wizard Marks by Elizabeth Hazel

Controbutors also include: Eileen Holland, Elizabeth Barrette, Laurel Reufner, Olivia O’Meir, Denise Dumars, Sorita, Michelle Santos, Twilight Bard, Muse, Sheri Richerson, James Kambos, Tammy Sullivan, Ember, Cerridwen Iris Shea, and Sedwyn.

Giveaway closes at some point during 27 December 2011. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted and with a bit of luck, has responded with some form of contact details so I can send it when the post office opens again on the 28th.

Remember, I need to be able to contact you and get your postal address if you win, so if you’re not on Facebook, Etsy, Twitter or any other way of getting in touch, it will be hard to let you know you’ve won, and so on, so in order to be in with a chance of winning, add some kind of contact details and answer the following qualifying question: Who’s your favourite deity in any mythology and why?

This giveaway is open worldwide.

Good luck! Check back in a few hours for today’s book giveaway. 🙂

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A Swedish introvert residing in Robin Hood Country (Nottingham, UK) with a husband and two cats. She's an eager participant in tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying, woodworking, photography and European travel, when there's not a plague on. Might get a novel out one of these days, if she doesn't get too distracted along the way.

5 thoughts on “Xmas Giveaway, Day 4: Item 7

  1. My fav is- shouldn’t be too hard to guess- MORGAN le FAYE–why- cause according to my family I’m her reincarnation- HAHAHA- seriously though she is both the sword and the healer- like a parent.

  2. My fav is unicorn. Why? Beautiful and pure.

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