You know you’re a Richard Armitage fan when …

I thought there should be a list like this. Maybe there already is, I’ve just not seen it yet. It’s not a massive list by the time of posting this (25 points), but I’m hoping you’ll help me come up with more so that one day it will be. 🙂

Last updated: 1 April 2014, the list so far:

You know you’re a Richard Armitage fan when …

  1. You suddenly take a very keen interest in Spooks, after having more or less ignored it for six series.
  2. The word “peaches” is no longer associated with a fruit.
  3. …In fact, you can’t hear/think of peaches without grinning.
  4. You’ve ever used the word “Guyliner” in a sentence.
  5. Seeing a box of Thorntons chocolate always cheers you up.
  6. …Especially the thought of being fed the contents by Mr. Thornton himself.
  7. You just had to be reminded that the chocolatier and the dreamy cotton mill owner are two different people…
  8. You would never have watched Robin Hood if it wasn’t for Guy of Gisborne.
  9. You find it more or less impossible to listen to an RA-read audiobook and pay attention to what’s actually being said.
  10. You know what “squirrel beard” or “squirrel face” refers to.
  11. You find it funny (but not surprising) that of the ten Google search suggestions for “Richard Armitage”, half are “girlfriend”, “wife”, “married” and “dating”.
  12. You’ve joined the Army.
  13. You would’ve understood the reference in #12 even without the link.
  14. Meg. You are bound to have an opinion.
  15. You thought Marian pretty much got what she deserved by the end of series 2.
  16. You can’t hear Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” without getting delicious flashbacks from fanvids on YouTube.
  17. You’ve wished him a happy birthday.
  18. You’ve written to his agent to ask for an autograph.
  19. …And then waxed lyrically about it on a fan forum once you’ve received it.
  20. You’ve ever had an overexcited conversation with a friend about RA, acting as if you’re still giggly teenagers.
  21. …Even though you’re older than the Man himself?
  22. You try to convert your friends and/or by giving them subtle hints, like a DVD for their birthday, or just sending them random YouTube links.
  23. You have a blog where you can rant on about RA day and night at your leisure.
  24. …And thus avoid annoying the crap out of your real-life families.
  25. Hearing phrases such as “look back at me” and “lie down” make your knees weak.
  26. You have collected a huge folder of pictures of RA (or several folders)
  27. …And have created a slide show set to music with the most squeeable.
  28. You have attempted to make graphics with said pictures, avatars, icons and/or siggys.
  29. You have posted on at least one fan blog (or more).
  30. You know what “squee” means.
  31. You wear the Gisbourne betrothal ring from Accessorize at every available opportunity.
  32. …And try to convince your significant other that they’d really like to get you one made by the Bespoke Jeweller in the high street.
  33. You are the proud owner of (at least one) Little Guy action figure.
  34. Even if English isn’t your mother tongue, you are unexpectedly familiar with Men’s outfits such as Pea Coat or Boiler Suit, but you can’t help blushing when mentioning them.
  35. You can’t watch Sense & Sensibility 95’s final scene anymore without giggling like a schoolgirl, trying in the meantime to reproduce “that extraordinary noise.”
  36. Sarah Caulfield. Loathe her or ignore her, you can’t like her.
  37. Your addiction to RA media reduces you to listen to the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, or any other teen pop star originally beneath your contempt.
  38. Your significant other calls you “Mrs. Armitage”.
  39. You scour the Internet for HOURS to get your hands on a Guy of G doll.
  40. You sat through SB just because our man was starring in it.
  41. You insisted on watching RH2 every Sunday after you had dismissed series 1 as substandard child’s stuff.
  42. Your children rolls eyes and says “Whatever happened to Sean the Grumpy Scot, Mom?”
  43. You’re astonished at actually participating in “fan sites” for the first time ever.
  44. Reading RA blogs and sites takes priority over work.
  45. You try to convert family and colleagues to RA’s work, saying “you’d really like this!”.
  46. You hope that every new work RA does is a success and the ratings are high. (A bit like your favourite team winning a grand final).
  47. You obsessively check the fanblogs for new RA pictures and stories.
  48. You’d stoop to cinematic lows such as watching the BBC sequel to Dude, Where’s My Car? (“Oi, Where the Bloody Hell IS My Car?”) simply because you heard RA had a cameo.
  49. The words “Richard Armitage” becomes the first auto-fill option when doing searches on Google and You Tube.
  50. You buy an audiobook just because RA is reading it.
  51. You during breaks and lunch at work go to a computer just in case any of your regular RA haunts have updated some new tidbit or picture.
  52. You googled this actor to find more of his work, something you’d never done for any actor before.
  53. You discovered because of RA that there is a phenomenon called “vidding” and “fanfic”, which you previously had never heard of.
  54. Your friends who don’t watch any British TV shows or period dramas of any type ask me “oh, is that British guy you like in it?” whenever you recommend a movie to them.
  55. You’re searching for ways to watch UK shows online because you can’t wait for them to be released in your country, simply because RA is in them.
  56. You pick up a tin of peaches and think mmmmmm……………
  57. You feel like a teenager again.
  58. Your hubby starts resembling RA in your mind.
  59. You began writing fanfic about one of his characters.
  60. You get your children hooked on Robin Hood just so you can have an excuse (like you really need one!) to watch it … again!
  61. You feel the need to buy shares in Amamzon, to benfit from all the money you’ve spent (though not reluctantly) on DVDs and audiobooks that feature RA.
  62. You’ve read North and South, Birdsong (mentioned by Harry in VoD) and are planning to read Crime and Punishment and Clarissa, just because!
  63. You’ve watched the final scene from N&S about 100 times (which may even be a conservative estimate) and you’re not even remotely tired of it yet.
  64. All you ask for Xmas is a region-free DVD player…
  65. …because waiting patiently for other region DVD releases is unthinkable!
  66. You realize that you’ve heard RA’s voice more than your own partner’s over the last while
  67. You know that you are an RA fan when you read every book that either he or his characters mention.
  68. You go back and re-watch the VoD clip to make sure you got all the book names/authors right and add some John LeCarre to your “to read list”.
  69. Your addiction to RA media reduces you to listen to the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, or any other teen pop star originally beneath your contempt.
  70. You start seeing RA as characters in other books and film adaptations, such as Terry Pratchett’s Greebo (human form) or Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan.
  71. You go Googling stuff on this list that you’re not familiar with, just to make sure you’ve got it all down.
  72. Every time you see a man 6ft/183cm or more, you imagine RA.
  73. Every voice you once admired you now compare to RA’s.
  74. You compare kisses in other romantic movies to that of the Train Scene.
  75. You need no further explanation to what “the Train Scene” means, because you not only know what it refers to, you can picture it in your head.
  76. You have used one or more photos of RA in a PowerPoint presentation for a larger group of people.
  77. The Misty Mountains song, led by RA, from The Hobbit trailer, is now your favourite love song.
  78. RA’s Groman (Greco-Roman) nose is now a sex appeal up there with personality, legs, butt, chest, etc.
  79. …You invent words like “Groman” just to better explain RA’s dashing looks.
  80. It takes you 2.5 hours to watch a one hour episode, because you keep repeating all the scenes with RA several times while watching … and then once done, you go back and watch all those special scenes again and again.
  81.  You almost have an orgasm while listening to his bedtime storytelling on CBeebies.
  82. You overhear your 4-year-old muttering “Guy of Gisborne” to himself and your 2-year-old trying to copy him, “Guh uh Guh”.
  83. You’ve considered what sort of cosmetological and surgical interventions you might need to have in order to bring your appearance up to the level where RA might take a second look at you if he passed you on the street.
  84. You’d never noticed that your monitor screen was flecked with bits of God-knows-what filth until you embarked upon daily gazing sessions with photos of himself, and the specks marred the beautiful visage … so that now you keep your screen immaculate … for him!
  85. You start fangirling with the ARMY.
  86. You marry your blog to RA.
  87. When you see RA in everything like miseRAble, desiRAble, distRAction… even outside. Like funeRAl homes, cereal bRAnds…
  88. Your parents have resigned themselves to, in the future, having a son-in-law who is only ten years their junior.
  89. His voice literally becomes music to your ears, and you listen to RA audio files (especially the poetry!) as background music for things like cooking, reading, and, of course, falling asleep!
  90. You search for Argentine tango on You Tube, marvel at this incredibly seductive dance, and wonder if a klutz like yourself could ever possibly learn those sensuous moves. And then – like a bolt of lightning – it hits you. First, you imagine a video of Richard Armitage doing the Argentine tango, and, when recovered from that meltdown, try to fathom the intensity of the global female spontaneous combustion should such a video exist!
  91. The wallpaper of your computer, tablet and phone is his face.

If you want to add more (please do!), just post a comment with your suggestions and I’ll update the post! 🙂

Many thanks to these contributors!

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  • Nat, and through the comments on a post she made: @Rob, MillyMe, fitzg, mulubinba, littlevictories, diveknit, tyme_4_t, twinkling moon, Myrtle, flandersdreamer, sandra, JEMAA, and B*
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